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jedypod / ColorTracker.nk
Last active Oct 19, 2019
ColorTracker: A wrapper for the CurveTool, which allows you to analyze color change over time of an input, and apply that data to a grade in matchmove or stabilize mode around a specified reference frame. Because I am bad at remembering math.
View ColorTracker.nk
Group {
name ColorTracker
addUserKnob {20 ColorTracker}
addUserKnob {26 instructions_text l <b>Instructions: T "1). Stabilize your plate around the area you want to track\n2). Crop your plate to just the area you want to analyze\n4). Press Track Color to analyze the footage\n5). Create a matchmove or stabilize grade, and specify your reference frame\n6). You can scale the curve around a specified pivot value on the grade node \n using the color_pivot and color_mult knobs in the ColorTrack tab"}
addUserKnob {26 ""}
addUserKnob {26 label_trackcolor l "<b>Track Color" T " "}
addUserKnob {41 track_color l "Track Color" t "This button will track the color change over the specified framerange and put the data into the intensitydata knob." T CurveTool.go}
addUserKnob {41 intensitydata T CurveTool.intensitydata}
addUserKnob {26 ""}
addUserKnob {26 label_apply_color_track l "<b>Apply Track" T " "}
jedypod /
Created Mar 9, 2017 — forked from fredrikaverpil/
Store function on Nuke NoOp (or on nuke.root()) node and have it made available upon loading of script
"""Store function on node
Usage example:
.. code-block::
# Control node
ctrl_node_name = 'MY_SCRIPT_NODE' # if None, store on nuke.root()
# Define your functions and add them to the dictionary
Created Jul 7, 2016
DOLLAR_GUI_HANDLER is a node to remove $gui expressions on Nuke nodes in a script. It is based on $gui Expression Finder by Falk Hofmann, but the code is re-written to be more robust, and to have functionality to remove $gui expressions as if the script were being rendered on the farm, instead of reverting back to the GUI values.
NoOp {
tile_color 0xd94848ff
hide_input true
addUserKnob {20 Handler l "\$gui Handler"}
addUserKnob {1 nodelist}
nodelist "H_high_low_switch.Switch1, RF_Yorktown_DEFOCUS.SHIT_SWITCHER, RF_Yorktown_BG1.ScanlineRender4, ScanlineRender1"
addUserKnob {26 ""}
addUserKnob {22 find_gui_nodes l "Find \$gui Nodes" T "# Find all nodes with knobs that have \$gui expressions\nnodelist = \[]\nfor node in nuke.allNodes(recurseGroups=True):\n for knob in node.knobs():\n if node\[knob].hasExpression():\n if '\$gui' in node\[knob].toScript():\n if node not in nodelist:\n nodelist.append(node)\n\nnodelist_comma = ', '.join(\[item.fullName() for item in nodelist])\nprint nodelist_comma\nnuke.thisNode()\['nodelist'].setValue(nodelist_comma)" +STARTLINE}
addUserKnob {22 remove_gui_expression l "Remove \$gui Expression" -STARTLINE T "# Remove \$gui expression\n#thisNode = nuke.selectedNode()\nthisNode = nuke.thisNode()\nnodelist_comma = thisNod
jedypod / BreakdownTransition.nk
Last active Mar 25, 2017
Breakdown Transition
View BreakdownTransition.nk
Group {
name BreakdownTransition
addUserKnob {20 Breakdown}
addUserKnob {4 transition_type l "Transition Type" M {Dissolve Wipe "Depth Wipe"}}
transition_type Wipe
addUserKnob {3 start_frame l "Start Frame" t "The frame to start the transition on"}
start_frame 1001
addUserKnob {22 set_current_frame l Current t "Sets the start frame to the current frame" -STARTLINE T "n = nuke.thisNode()\nn\['start_frame'].setValue(nuke.frame())"}
addUserKnob {3 transition_length l "Transition Length"}
transition_length 6
jedypod / TonemapFilmic.nk
Created Jan 24, 2016
Tonemap Filmic - Implementing John Hable's Filmic Tonemapping algorithm as a Nuke gizmo.
View TonemapFilmic.nk
Group {
name TonemapFilmic
help "Implementing John Hable's Filmic Tonemapping algorithm as a Nuke gizmo.\n\n\n\n\n## Filmic Tonemapping\nA = Shoulder Strength\nB = Linear Strength\nC = Linear Angle\nD = Toe Strength\nE = Toe Numerator\nF = Toe Denominator\n\tNote: E/F = Toe Angle\nLinearWhite = Linear White Point Value\n\nF(x) = ((x*(A*x+C*B) + D*E) / (x*(A*x+B) + D*F)) - E/F\nFinalColor = F(LinearColor)/F(LinearWhite)\n\nA = 0.22\nB = 0.30\nC = 0.10\nD = 0.20\nE = 0.01\nF = 0.30\nLinearWhite = 11.2\nThese numbers are assuming linear source data."
addUserKnob {20 Tonamap l Tonemap}
addUserKnob {26 ""}
addUserKnob {7 exposure t "Adjust the exposure before the tonemap in stops." R -4 4}
addUserKnob {41 shStr l "Shoulder Strength" T Expression_Filmic_Tonemap.shStr}
addUserKnob {41 linStr l "Linear Strength" T Expression_Filmic_Tonemap.linStr}
addUserKnob {41 linAngle l "Linear Angle" T Expression_Filmic_T
jedypod /
Last active Jan 27, 2016
Render Selected Writes with Individual Frame Ranges - renders each selected write node with the input frame range of that node instead of a single framerange.
import nuke
#'Nuke').findItem('Render').addCommand('Render Selected with Ranges', 'render_writes_with_ranges.render()')
def render():
gui_render = False
write_nodes = nuke.selectedNodes()
# Get all writes and frame ranges
writes = dict(zip([w for w in write_nodes], [w.frameRange() for w in write_nodes]))
jedypod / GrainResponse.nk
Last active May 31, 2017
Simple grain node with with intensity response LUT adjustment.
View GrainResponse.nk
Group {
name GrainResponse
help "Adds synthetic grain. Push \"presets\" to get predefined types of grain, these are the correct size for 2K scans.\n\nYou can also adjust the sliders to match a sample piece of grain. Find a sample with a rather constant background, blur it to remove the grain, and use as input to this. View with a wipe in the viewer so you can make a match. It helps to view and match each of the red, green, blue separately."
addUserKnob {20 GrainTab l Grain}
addUserKnob {3 seed t "Change this value to make different instances of this operator produce different noise"}
seed 134
addUserKnob {35 presets l "" -STARTLINE M {"presets/Kodak 5248" "knobs this \{red_size 3.30 green_size 2.90 blue_size 2.5 red_i 0.60 green_i 0.60 blue_i 0.60 red_m 0.42 green_m 0.46 blue_m 0.85 black 0.00 label \{Kodak 5248\}\}" "presets/Kodak 5279" "knobs this \{red_size 2.70 green_size 2.60 blue_size 2.40 red_i 1.00 green_i 0.76 blue_i 0.65 red_m 0.37 green_m 0.60 blue_m 1.65 black 0.00 label \{Kodak 5279\}\}" "p
jedypod /
Created Nov 18, 2015
Scales all strokes in a rotopaint node by a specified scale: expects a layer full of strokes that have all been scaled by the specified amount from a center of 0,0
## Adjust size of all brush stokes in a layer
## Expects a single layer in the rotopaint node containing strokes that want to be scaled.
## This script scales the brushsize and source transform by the scale value
_SCALE_ = 1.53706293
rn = nuke.selectedNode()
cKnob = rn["curves"]
rootLayer = cKnob.rootLayer
import nuke, operator
## Add these lines to your after putting this file somewhere in your NUKE_PATH
# Manipulate nodes in the node graph
import node_handler'Nuke').addCommand('Edit/Node/Move/Right', 'node_handler.move(1,0)', 'alt+meta+Right')'Nuke').addCommand('Edit/Node/Move/Left', 'node_handler.move(-1,0)', 'alt+meta+Left')'Nuke').addCommand('Edit/Node/Move/Up', 'node_handler.move(0,-1)', 'alt+meta+Up')
jedypod /
Last active Jul 2, 2019
OpticalZDefocus is a physically accurate ZDefocus, which controls circle of confusion (coc) size based on lens geometry using the depth of field equation. Set your lens and film-back characteristics, your focus distance, and adjust the size of your bokeh with the aperture size, just like a real lens.


OpticalZDefocus is a physically accurate ZDefocus, which controls circle of confusion size based on lens geometry using the depth of field equation.

  1. Set your focal length and film-back characteristics to match the lens that shot your plate
  2. Animate your focus distance
  3. Adjust the f-stop to match the size of your bokeh to your plate

Just like a real lens! (And using the same math :P )


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