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List of Prime Time Debate Titles of Republic TV featuring Arnab Goswami since May 2017
Bollywood takes sides this election, it's 616 artistes VS 907 artistes
Was Madhya Pradesh govt scheme funds diverted via Hawala?
Were funds stolen from schemes which were meant for malnourished children and pregnant mothers in Madhya Pradesh?
5 killed in a Maoist attack in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh.Why are the #UrbanNaxalsSilent?
RSS leader gunned down in Kishtwar, why are Kashmir terror apologists silent?
With the focus on the last mile, has the BJP hit home with it's vision document?
Is appeasement over development in elections 2019?
Unbelievable cash stash. Whose money was it anyway?
Was a family bribed?
Rahul Gandhi wants to muzzle media?
Artists begin online campaign
ED has cracked Agusta case
Find out: Vote for Modi or not?
Rahul Gandhi stuck in scamster scandal
Blackmail & secession threat for votes
Congress begins 'anti forces campaign'
Compromise on law & national interest
Rahul Gandhi links with 2G accused
Wanting two PMs in India a divisive pitch?
Congress 'likes' Pakistan Army strategy?
Will #RahulWayanadEscape work?
Is it Raja-maharaja vs Chowkidar in 2019?
PM Modi Speaks to Arnab
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speaks to Arnab
Nationalism: The 2019 focus
Misogyny & sexism for votes now?
#RaidControversy before elections
'Mission Shakti' avoided in 2012, shot in 2019
India ready for space warfare
Smriti Irani smashes Cong hypocrisy
Scheme to help or deprive poor?
The #PakForcedConversion Truth
Indira in 1971, Rahul Gandhi in 2019. 48 years later, what's changed?
'Gaali meter' peaks before polls, will abusing PM Modi win them votes?
Why does PM Modi biopic worry Congress?
'Attacks happen all the time', says Congress loyalist Sam Pitroda.
Pakistan stooges get Khaki welcome at Pakistan's national day event.
Loyalists defect, insiders rebel
184 candidates named from 20 states
Enough of the Pulwama insults
Cong rewards Sanatan-backer
Is 'chowkidar' delivering on his promise of bringing back the 'chors'?
3 days, 3 attacks on NaMo backers
The 'Hindu Terror' lie falls apart, did UPA frame 'Hindu Terror' theory?
3 MPs on sale stung by R.Bharat
Tukde slogans ok, Modi chants criminal?
Poll strategist a 'dacoit' for Naidu
#NiravFacesArrest in London
Congress leader calls PM 'Namard'
Competing to abuse army in Kashmir?
PM sets himself 2019 target
'Another Bhima Koregaon' threat
Waited one year for this tragedy?
Rahul Gandhi drags Priyanka Gandhi into it
Mediation begins, #AyodhyaCountdown on
Dumped by the opposition and its own leaders. Can any leader now save Congress?
Can Congress claim copyright over 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' slogan?
It's #JiVersusJi, video vs video. Can BJP now go after Rahul Gandhi for 'Masood Azhar Ji' comment?
Congress President Rahul Gandhi honouring terrorists?
#BalakotTape shuts up saboot gang
Opposition pulls out ramzan card
8-week deadline for Mandir mediation: Can India get a solution by May 2019?
CVoter survey shows a surge in PM Modi's popularity. Is the Modi wave back in 2019?
Wanted proof on Balakot, silent on Jammu terror attack. Hypocrisy?
Is the Opposition toeing Pakistan line by not calling out terror?
Should all those politicians who questioned our forces and asked for proof, now apologise?
Will mediation bring a quick solution to the 135-year-old dispute?
Is the demand for proof of India's air strike a conspiracy against the nation?
Why does nationalism make the opposition nervous?
Politics above national interest during elections?
At a time when India has vowed to make Pakistan pay, can there be Cricket?
IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan crosses the border to enter India after two days custody in Pakistan
Shelling continues at the borders, why de-escalate?
Pakistan targets our military bases, is it time for a #FinalStrike?
Cabinet nod for change in Jammu and Kashmir reservation act
Jamaat-e-Islami declared illegal 5 days after crackdown
Jaish bombed, F-16 shot down
Politics within 2 days of strike
12 days after Pulwama attack, India strikes Pakistan destroying JeM camps.
Pakistan admits: IAF jets were too fast
Should Mehbooba Mufti be taken into custody immediately for the anti-India campaign?
72 years later, 25,942 martyrs honoured
40 CRPF jawans attain martyrdom, magazine comes up with their caste consensus
Should Sachin Tendulkar change his position about India playing Pakistan at the World Cup?
Extra water to Pakistan blocked. Should India have done this a long time ago?
Congress calls Pulwama terrorist as 'home-grown'
Will the BCCI take action against Pakistan?
No cricket, No films , No trade, No compromise
Kashmiri youth line up to join forces, send Pakistan a message.
Pakistan PM Imran Khan spooked by India's call for action?
Army makes it clear- Shield terror, face the bullet
Enough of the anti-nationals
It's about terror, not Kashmir
NDA getting stronger in 2019?
A billion unite for the final journey of 40 martyrs
Unite with India or be ostracised
PM Modi declares zero mercy policy, forces given a free reign
Hurriyat to loose security cover?
After this attack, can India afford to entertain any pro-Pak agenda on our soil?
India now wants revenge for this terror attack in Kashmir
Mulayam Singh Yadav's praise for PM Modi a sign of things to come in 2019 elections?
Is full majority government the need of the hour?
Banned in Jharkhand, why not across India?
Rahul Gandhi Rafale fake news count: 14 lies
AMU staff, students attack Republic crew
Back to back insults from one stage
Afzal lobby wants remains exhumed
Yogi Adityanath: Can't delay mandir
How many lies, how many abuses?
Don't break, come help build India
Modi right or wrong?
PM Modi provides blunt answer to every opposition attack
Has AICC general secretary Priyanka Vadra ensured full Congress support for Vadra?
Did UPA 2 try to back-engineer the facts to corroborate #FakeCoupClaim?
On TMC's turf in West Bengal, Yogi dares Mamata
Mirwaiz promotes Pakistan's agenda in Kashmir
UK signs off on Vijay Mallya's extradition
Exposed: Police involved in Saradha scam
A second ISIS style execution in Kashmir: Why is Mehbooba silent?
Massive Congress attack on Hindus
Modi drags back UPA defence Dalals
Is Congress spooked with populism
Kumbh sets Mandir date: February 21
Congress exposes itself on 'fake Hindutva'
#ParrikarExposesRahul lie on 'Goa Rafale meet'
If the top court accepts the petition, can construction of Ram Temple begin soon?
Vehicles attacked and set on fire? How Did the State allow this?
Weeks after the chargesheet, Congress invited Kanhaiya & Shehla. Open support of Tukde gang?
Will the party act against Siddaramaiah after his shocking act?
Will government consider the idea of an ordinance after yet another delay in the case?
Do #BharatRatna honours show India has finally risen above politics and partisanship?
Will Congress' plan of a 'new government' represent threats & intimidation?
Rahul Gandhi admits to secret China meeting. Should he disclose full details now?
Will BJP win new allies in 2019?
How does 'Tiranga' give AMU a 'bad name'?
With Priyanka Gandhi Vadra taking the political plunge, will Robert Vadra angle be a factor this election season
ISIS raids get bigger across India. ISIS module planned chemical attacks?
Students hold bike rally inside AMU raising Bharat Mata slogans; get sent showcause notice.
Have the #TukdeGangTapes exposed the anti-India league and its backers?
From 'investigate claims' to calling it 'science fiction', have facts exposed Congress EVM lies?
Shia Waqf board chief Waseem Rizwi wants a ban on primary Madrassas. Is he right or wrong?
Cong-backed EVM Hackathon: Wild charges without any proof?
Modi Vs Who is big 2019 question
Freedom of expression or provocation?
RSS sets Mandir 2025 mission: Is government ready to examine options?
Congress blames BJP for misusing sedition law. Does the Congress remember 'misusing' it in 2011?
Will Congress act against its leader for wishing for Amit Shah's illness?
Army calls 2018 a success, but opposition differs
Nuns defiant, say won't leave congregation
Why are the 'liberals' silent on Church indifference?
Cong defends Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath blocked pension, Sheila Dikshit promotes Tytler: Honouring 1984 tainted?
Has the chargesheet exposed the deep anti-India conspiracy on JNU campus in 2016?
If India's growth story is the objective, can the country afford an unstable government in 2019?
Will the Lutyens lobby who supported the tukde tukde gang apologise today?
Akhilesh, Tejashwi and now Karnataka: Is the minority government thrill coming to an end?
Bua-Bhatija unite against BJP
2014 strategy vs 2019 strategy
Verma sacked, lobby defeated
Anti-mandir lobby forces delay
Aiyar's mandir line in question
Will 10 percent quota benefit you?
History made, #ProPoorBillPassed in the Parliament!
Raksha Mantri speaks to Arnab Goswami
Will opposition parties walk the talk?
Caste & religion free quota
Rahul Gandhi resorts to personal attacks
Forget religion, India for Indians
Nirmala smashes rafale charges
Naseer now Amnesty ambassador?
Ayodhya hearing set in motion
44 years on, #CongCelebratesEmergency
Politics overtakes faith and equality
Hearing will decide course of Ayodhya
Arun Jaitley stuns Rahul into silence
Violence & chaos mars #SabarimalaEntry
PM breaks silence on mandir ordinance
'Pak won't fall in line with one strike'
Real events on reel rattle congress
Cong seeks ban on illegal Shakhas
A shameful oppn blockade in Parliament
Focus on national security debate
India crushes dangerous terror module
ISIS wanted to kill innocent Indians
#TripleTalaqbill in parliament tomorrow
Public prayer vs 'public order'
K'taka CM stuns human rights lobby
India responds to Imran as one
'Allies' will decide who wins 2019
Date set for 2019 Ayodhya hearing
UPA reminded of 2009 notification
A turning point in #IntoleranceDebate
#BJPWinsYatraBattle against Mamata
Cong doesn't trust the IAF chief
Should Congress sack Sajjan Kumar?
Who has the edge in Rafale?
Is Congress' 'Rafale scam' charge India's biggest political lie?
Rahul lie, lobby theory busted
Scindia or Kamal Nath? Pilot or Gehlot? Who will Rahul Gandhi choose as CMs?
Syro Malabar Catholic Church backs Bishop Franco: What about justice for rape victim nun?
Mandir storm reaches Parliament. Can it be the top agenda for 2019?
Call for 2019 Opposition unity. Bound by anti-BJP sentiment or political agenda?
66 days ago, Akhilesh Yadav dumped Congress: Isn't post-verdict support opportunistic?
Whos leading on the road to 2019?
Is the Modi magic working or waning?
Modi government gets Vijay Mallya after Christian Michel. Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi next?
Will the 5 states reflect the national mood for 2019?
Is there really a BJP rout?
Is there a gamechanger moment?
Defending Michel on family order?
Cows. Communal Tension. Elections. Is this a coincidence?
Will the results of 5 states reflect National mood?
Will Christian Michel reveal who got kickbacks in AugustaWestland case?
Christian Michel back, Robert Vadra draws election link
Was the violence a pre-planned strike?
Will the AgustaWestland truth finally be out with Christian Michel's extradition?
'Congress has come up with a
Can Congress preach on Hinduism when its leaders have made anti-Hindu statements?
Can any side claim high moral ground when all of them used the religion card?
Is the faith of 20 million Sikhs a game of chess for Imran Khan?
Opposition sidelines farmer
Reservation demand gets viral
'V' for Vadra, Vendetta or Victory?
Sidhu caught posing with a terrorist
BJP declares: 'Yuvraaj' vs 'Chaiwala'
What's the #RealGDP figure under UPA?
Imran Khan insults India in Kartarpur
No hugs, no talks, no compromise
Who's making polls about Ali vs Bajrangbali?
The day's biggest interview on the debate
Does competence matter or surname?
Cong formula to get 90% Muslim vote
Pakistan celebrates 26/11 terrorists
'25 lakh response' to 5 lakh gathering
What's so 'liberal' about #politicsofabuse?
Turning point in campaign
Demolition dare a day before March
Cong Declares: Only Brahmins Know Hinduism
The First Sajad Lone Interview
March To Ayodhya Begins
Hidden Cong Muslim card is out
Mehbooba vs Sajad fight next?
Cong takes sides on twitter controversy
It's taken 34 years for 1st conviction
You should've been cautious, Jack
ISI unleashing terror in Punjab?
What explains Congress stopping workers from chanting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai'?
Reservation demand undermining merit in the country?
Will Rahul Gandhi accept the dare given to him by PM Modi?
'United front' unites to challenge sovereignty?
Trupti Desai vs Rahul Easwar
Govt issues eviction notice. Why are Gandhis refusing to comply despite clear orders?
Shouldn't UP CM rise above namecalling?
Pune Police charge sheet confirms plot to 'overthrow democratic govt via violence'
Did Kamal Nath threaten Hindus when he said 'we will deal with them later?'
Doesnt Shashi Tharoors comment stink of dynastic prejudice?
Has Shahid Afridi admitted the truth about Pakistan's internal situation?
Dassault picked Reliance, will Rahul Gandhi stop lying?
Will dumping Tipu Jayanti get Congress votes?
Will Congress' anti-RSS strategy a month before polls backfire?
Will calling Maoists revolutionaries cost Congress the election?
Rafale deal signed after 74 meetings, does Rahul Gandhi still need proof?
Babri litigants for Sri Sri formula: Will stakeholders now consider?
Has PM Modi exposed the hypocrisy of Urban Naxals masquerading as activists?
Are Congress and NC undermining India to bat for talks with pro-Pak separatists?
Is there no space for a filmmaker to question and criticise the government?
Have taxpayers become more accountable?
Has Yogi sparked off a #RenamingFight
Pakistan scared of India's Nuclear Triad?
Development in the name of Ram
Is Karnataka result a buildup to 2019?
India's #DiwaliWarningForPak after INS Arihant completes nation's Nuclear Triad
Big Yogi announcement expected after #AyodhyaDiwali?
Ayodhya delay gets very controversial
Hizbul murders BJP leader, oppn silent
#RahulLosesControl, Sonia takes charge
Will #AyodhyaBill impact 2019 elections?
Naidu repeats united front run in 2018
The tallest global tribute to India's unifier
7 videos that India must wake up to
India leaps 65 positions in 4 years
Is 2019 all about the Hindu card?
Maoist cowards kill 2 cops, 1 journalist
Why no priority for Ayodhya?
Scorpion stings the Hindu card
Army releases #locstrike video
Is investigation against CBI boss the best decision in the interest of integrity?
Is abusing the Prime Minister the Opposition's one-point strategy before 2019?
Can pro-terror lobby still demand for 'human rights' of pelters in valley?
Foreign funding under scanner
NSA Ajit Doval strikes the 'enemy within'
VHP dares judiciary now
Unprecedented cleanup of CBI
Lobby confirms secret meeting
This is why Kashmir must fight back
Who is 'fixing' whom in the CBI?
Owaisi ally against Vande Mataram
Uneasy with Bhagwad Gita in Urdu?
Face of 'Save Sabarimala' campaign
61 dead, who's responsible?
How did Father Kuriakose die?
The Battle within CBI explodes
A train runs over people standing on the track near Amritsar, many feared dead and injured
State mourning has been declared in Punjab tomorrow, all offices and educational institutions will remain closed
State Allows Attack On Women
Modi Govt Acts Against Mj Akbar
Why did a plush 5-star hotel try covering up a possible shootout?
Will equality win at Sabarimala?
Shashi Tharoor after Kapil Sibal: Is Congress officially against Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?
Sabarimala protests turn political, BJP leads 'save Sabarimala' march.
Protests continue against women's entry
Has RBI failed to stop free fall?
Manan Wani after Burhan & Sameer Tiger: Have forces broken the backbone of Pak terror?
Drugged, raped & blackmailed by Morani?
Will MJ Akbar step down?
#MeToo campaign runs into controversy?
Thakor Sena exposes Congress
Beginning of a larger movement against sexual predators?
Hate Brigade caught on CCTV
Is opposition the invisible hand behind 'hound them out' campaign in Gujarat?
No response to specific questions: Is Nana Patekar on the backfoot now?
Days before Sabarimala Temple's doors open for women, #RightToPray verdict challenged
Congress 'expunges' political decency with its 'dog' remark
Fringe demands mandir before 2019
National Approval Ratings
Maya Smashes Rahul's 2019 Dreams
Khalistani Terror Fronts Unmasked
TMC'S 'Hindu terror' spin
Tanushree Dutta won't back down
Investigation reveals police mindset
Yogi Adityanath's cops go on an overdrive to shame Vivek Tiwari.
A FIRST IN INDIA: Hafiz Saeed's terror fund operatives arrested, booked.
'Opium better than Heroin,' says Navjot Singh Sidhu.
Lobby exposes itself by attacking SC
'Did it once, can do it again' message
India unites to celebrate forces
Ayodhya verdict in 2018?
Who's trying to communalise?
Big victory for India's poor
Verdict will carve Ayodhya future
IAF exposes Rahul's lie on Jet pricing
Rahul Gandhi Pushing Robert Vadra Agenda?
Has PM Modi Checkmated Congress?
Pak campaign: Co-ordinated or Coincidence?
Real reason for Rahul's Rafale anger
India rejects Pakistan talks. Has Prime Minister Narendra Modi govt drawn the line for new Pakistan government?
Is opposition sending a wrong message by questioning an advisory to universities?
Why did the Kerala police not arrest bishop Franco during the first interrogation in August?
Will India fall for 'Naya Pakistan' trap?
From 'Chor' to 'Clown Prince': Should netas rise above name-calling?
Ajit Jogi over Rahul Gandhi for Mayawati
Is politics above gender justice?
Opposition claims RSS endorsed mob lynching. Has Mohan Bhagwat silenced the opposition?
Is Pakistan Army establishment operating through Sidhu?
Didn't the Haryana administration know that massive deployment of policemen on VVIP duty would let the rapists flee?
Despite RSS invite, Oppn snubs inclusive event. Who's being intolerant?
5 days on, 11 rapists on the run: Will Centre pull up Khattar?
Is the Vatican giving bishop an easy exit route in the Kerala Nun Rape Case?
Rajya Sabha footage shows Jaitley in House till 11.33am. Is the 20-minute meeting lie busted?
48 hours on, if rapists' identities were known, why were there no arrests?
Did Rahul Gandhi meet Nirav Modi in 2013?
Is the Urban Naxal mask now off?
RBI-SBI secret papers on Kingfisher out: Did Sonia Gandhi help Vijay Mallya?
Pseudo-liberals lose their voice
Did Rahul Gandhi's right-hand man take Rs. 10 crores?
Why did Rahul Gandhi defy I-T Notices and I-T officers?
By giving an 'anti-Church' spin, has bishop given rape charges a religious angle?
Should Opposition take responsibility for violence during Bharat Bandh?
#GandhiTaxCheating CONFIRMED?
After Kerala MLA's slander Church Body Attacks Nun
Petrol about to reach Rs. 90 mark
Sidhu Praises Pakistan
2 Islamic state terrorists arrested
Isn't this the biggest victory in the fight for gay rights?
Can Telangana go to polls before February 2019?
Will India reject section 377?
Is Farooq Abdullah siding with Hafiz Saeed now?
Ajmer blast convict a hero for BJP?
Congress declares 'Brahmin roots'
India begins information warfare
BJP: Congress romanticised naxals
Should government ask states to impose VAT on base fuel price?
$300 million military aid cut, Imran government broke?
Congress makes a case for Maoists through its mouth piece?
Full #UrbanNaxalArmsList accessed
Did Rahul Gandhi compromise India's national interest?
Economy now blazing at 8.2% GDP
Are Nirav and Neeshal Modi trying to fix the blame on Mehul Choksi?
Does Rahul Gandhi have proof to back his conspiracy theory?
Can there be any justification for picking up arms against the state?
Did UPA's one decade delay on Rafale deal seriously compromise national security?
With a mega crackdown on Urban Naxals, time that all of India demands an all-out crackdown on pro-Maoists?
Link between terrorists & maoists confirmed?
Rahul Gandhi says 'Cong not involved': Is he giving a clean chit to Sajjan, Tytler?
If Memorial is made for all PMs, how is it a threat to Nehru legacy?
Rs 700 crore flood relief offer from UAE made up for politics?
Is Rahul Gandhi comparing RSS, to a group which led to Arab spring?
Lack of jobs led to ISIS Creation?
Temple Run before 2019 elections?
Can't say 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' out loud?
Why is Congress questioning the foreign aid policy that it introduced?
Who is Rahul Gandhi with? Pak govt or Indian martyrs' families?
Did the right-wing fringe group Sanatan Sanstha plan blasts during Maratha agitation?
12 attacks under Pak Army Chief's watch: Is hugging him not an anti-national act?
Forces put their might behind Kerala: Will anti forces lobby finally shut up?
Remembering Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Stand with Kerala
PM says 'I am restless for change' during his fifth Independence Day Speech from the ramparts of Red Fort
Army personnel take fight to Supreme Court
Lal Chowk insult angers a billion Indians
Joint poll for 11 states in 2019?
Soldiers at the border to move to court
ISIS India module cracked open
A politically motivated campaign?
Maharashtra ATS goes after Sanatan Sanstha
Ordinance route the only option?
Is NDAs Rajya Sabha victory a reflection of oppositions crumbling unity?
Will Congress block #TripleTalaqBill?
Skull cap = proof of tolerance?
Alienate or integrate Kashmir?
Should Nitish Kumar sack minister under whose watch mass rapes took place?
Explosive #SoniaBangladeshCable emerges, did Sonia Gandhi protect infiltrators for votes?
Politicians fund business of rape?
Choksi reveals Congress alliance
Illegal citizens or vote banks?
Will Nitish Kumar order a detailed probe into the alleged political link??
Opposition backing Bangladeshis for votes?
Will lobby admit politicizing Justice Loya death case?
Does Mallya want India to pamper him?
Does religion of infiltrators matter?
Church tried to bury scandal?
Shahi Imam gets active again
Should India invoke Antiguan Law and get Mehul Choksi back?
'Divide & burn India' is the lobby's pre-2019 strategy?
Pakistan back to military rule?
Fake news used as a political tool?
Did Opposition jump the gun on lynching?
Swiss government demolishes Rahul Gandhi's attack
Major General Batra breaks his silence
Arnab Goswami confronts Jayant Sinha
Did cops torture an injured Rakbar when he was in their custody?
Did Karti Chidambaram sign to speed up kickbacks?
Sonia Gandhi set to lose #ModiTrustVote?
Will Modi government expose Agusta political bribes?
Friday vote just a formality for Modi government?
Will opposition clear or block #NewDealForWomen?
Forces sacrifice lives, Owaisi demands religious headcount.
Will Rahul Gandhi declare stand on 'Cong for Muslims' comment?
Sensational #MafiaDonTape out
Is Mehbooba Mufti threatening to create a wave of terror in Kashmir?
Is selective outrage on freedom of expression the new norm in Bollywood?
Congress's mistake or strategy?
Justify hate to take on PM Modi?
Missionaries or Baby Sale Expert?
'Hindu Pakistan' if BJP wins?
Pak lobbied for UN report
AG reveals: Govt for Sec 377
Is death penalty the only deterrent for rape?
Can there be space for Shariat courts in Secular India?
Do Zakir Naik backers defend radicalisation of innocent youth?
Hasn't SC verdict silenced lobby that tried sullying judiciary?
Can Congress question centre on fuel prices anymore?
Should Rahul Gandhi sack the 'KPCC member' who abused a cop on duty?
Has a Lobby-Separatist-Maoist conspiracy to divide India been proven?
Has Supreme Court ended the Delhi power tussle?
Is grand alliance's only agenda to remove Modi in 2019?
Is there an attempt to make lynchings a communal issue?
2016 one poll pitch a reality in 2018?
Will Vasundhara government ensure stern action against VVIP brat?
Is maligning India the single point agenda of the #TukdeTukdeLobby?
Crackdown on Robert Vadra. Crackdown on Vijay Mallya. Crackdown on Nirav Modi. Has the Modi government ensured a #CorruptionCleanup?
Is the Congress party in panic over #SurgicalStrikeVideo?
Will the BJP vs Mamata battle be the biggest fight to watch out for in 2019?
Will Rahul apologise for his 'Khoon Ki Dalali' remark after Surgical Strike?
Should politicians who questioned the surgical strike apologize?
Should Congress apologise for the Emergency?
Is Vijay Mallya spooked after Modi government's crackdown?
Should 'private citizen' Robert Vadra pay up Rs 25 Cr tax after hiding income?
Will 2019 be fought on religious grounds or development?
Do terrorist equal to boys with guns?
Downplayed threat in 2017
NIA names Zakir, PFI: Should Opposition take stand on Islamic radicalisation truth?
One by one, Pakistan proxies detained in Kashmir
Did Opposition use Rohith Vemula as a 'prop' & let down his family?
Will Rahul Gandhi explain in clear terms what his party means by 'Sanghi terror'?
Will Governor's rule clean up Kashmir?
Should Arvind Kejriwal end dharna drama & get back to work?
Has Congress insulted Hindu religion by linking it to terrorism?
Not in India's Interest to hold forces back
Tukde Tukde gang gives Pakistan an alibi
Top editor killed, Army man abducted
Every Pak terror mention blacked out
Gutless Pakistan turns BSF repair job bloody
Can Muthalik deny link to 'killers'?
Rahul Gandhi calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi's fitness challenge video 'bizarre'
Visiting Former Prime Minister, Atal Bihar Vajpayee, a race for Rahul Gandhi?
Gauri Lankesh's killer linked to Sri Ram Sene?
Threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 'drama' for Opposition?
2 murdered over fake news
Maoists Plotted to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's threat to Opposition +Lobby?
'Nation First' for Pranab Mukherjee
Foreign hand link to anti-India gang?
Combined Arundhati-Mevani Plot?
RSS untouchable narrative shattered
Church dives into politics again
Hindus targeted after Sikhs in Pak
Should Pakistan consider Nirmala's message as India's warning?
Greatest rejection of Hurriyat
Attempt to polarise before 2019?
Have cricketing bodies failed to clean up dirt around cricket?
BJP named TMC activists, why have they been termed unnamed miscreants in FIR?
BJP vs many in 2014 to BJP vs a united Opposition in 2019?
Can opposition parties have a tactical pre-poll alliance?
What's the point of #EkPaisaCut?
Killing the 'right' in Bengal?
Attack on record, what's off record?
10 confessions of 'mass murder'
UPA promoted 'communal curriculum?
Comedy show sarkar in Karnataka?
Rahul attacks, Pranab endorses?
The Dugout Debate With Arnab
Does the #TuticorinSting reveal that administration failed completely?
Is Army Chief's statement the biggest slap on the face of tukde tukde gang?
If UPA gave clearances and backed copper plant in Parliament, can Rahul blame ModI?
What explains Amnesty attack on India a day after admitting massacre of 99 Hindus?
Will 'choor choor' threat last till 2019?
Videos of violence emerge from Tuticorin, who is responsible for this?
Archbishop Admits Political Prayer
Pakistan targets children
Is Church right in issuing a political letter on 2019 polls?
Should there be a CBI probe into #TirupatiControversy?
Congress MLA exposes Party
From Pakistan To Dog: Arrogance Crosses Limits
Karnataka Floor Test
Who will win the Karnataka super poll on Saturday?
Should India just ban the ceasefire now?
Rahul Gandhi draws Pak analogy to Judiciary
Have Congress and JD(S) betrayed people's mandate with their resort politics?
Mehbooba Mufti gets her way?
Can the opposition bank on Rahul Gandhi?
Denying majority in Karnataka, a political choice?
#PakGuilty for 26/11?
Who has Karnataka voted for?
Cong Muslim Card
Election Bribe Diary Exposed
Cong Dirty Cash Exposed
Army Chief Declares No Azaadi
Does #BribeForVotes expose how poorest of poor have been cheated?
Have falsehoods taken over real issues in Karnataka?
Rahul says I will be PM: Can oppn unite under Rahul in 2019?
Should Mehbooba revoke amnesty to stonepelters now?
Shocking video from AMU emerges
Chennai Tourist Killed By Stone Pelters
Jinnah Controversy Breaks Out
Pakistan Praises Tipu Sultan
Modi on the front foot now
Ordinance route to end triple talaq
Children soft targets for pelters?
Army pledges 'iron fist' against terror
Will Rahul Gandhi accept PM Modi's unscripted speech challenge?
Sona Mohapatra takes on Fringe group that threatened her
Why should an Indian university honour a man who propagated partition?
AIIMS: Recovery spot or political adda?
Pro-rapist mantri goes, apathy and insensitivity stays
National song customised for Rahul Gandhi?
Wuhan handshake after Doklam victory
Is demanding accountability 'nautanki'?
#LollipopPolitics' to win votes?
Truth wins, intimidation loses
One girl fights against 10,000 crore empire
Doesn't silence by top Bollywood stars mean complicity?
Has Khurshid exposed the fact that Congress has blood on its hands?
Impeachment Rahul Gandhi's biggest blunder?
Jessica Lal's sister 'forgives' killer?
Angry with Loya verdict, #CongAttacksCJI
Army goes on record for the first time
Rahul loses, 'Lobby' credibility crushed
31 months after Surgical Strikes, Pakistan still in denial
If they quit over Kathua action, will it work for the BJP or will it backfire?
Has India really gone 'cashless'?
After Malegaon blast case, Mecca Masjid case verdict deflates 'Hindu terror' theory
Kathua rape and murder re-run in Surat; 86 marks and unspeakable horror
Modi warns, pro-rapist mantris resign
PM Modi says: #CongInsultedAmbedkar
Competitive politics between BJP and Congress
What does religion have to do with a crime?
Nationwide pressure builds on BJP
Attempt to give a communal twist to case
Reason for fast: Parliament blocked
India stands with one family
Feast before fast an insult to 'Satyagraha'?
Rape accused MLA insults victim
After today's hard hitting response, can Opposition make it #ModiVsAll?
Is Amit Shah's attack a sign of confidence, aggression or worry before 2019?
Salman Khan sentenced to jail for 5 years
Has Mufti encouraged stone-pelters to go berserk against forces?
Can Babas be the future of governance in India?
Is Afridi the face of Pak Army?
Where's the 'I Love Pak' lobby now?
Has the pro violence lobby gone too far?
Dalit protests or bloodshed politics?
Will Kashmir netas speak out now?
Is the CBSE announcement a solution at all?
Is the arrest about fake news or one involving political ideologies?
Should government ask CBSE chief to step down immediately?
Who's provoking violence?
Alexander Nix advertises Congress as major client?
Cast card plotted in Cambridge
'Data theft' by Rahul Gandhi?
Impeachment move linked to Ayodhya verdict?
Should all political parties now make a full disclosure on user data collected online?
Should IPL ban Aussie cricket cheats Steve Smith and David Warner from the league?
Days after 6 soldiers martyred, why participate in Pak day celebrations?
By questioning police action against professor, hasn't PFI proven it's anti-women mindset?
Data Theft Scandal Grows Bigger
Kodavas After Lingayats?
Congress link to data robbing firm?
Data theft to subvert elections?
If Congress rejected proposal in 2013, should they explain allowing separate religion in 2018?
Should Netas unite to fight ISIS terror?
Temple-hopping Rahul Gandhi attempts to break the Hindu vote? What's your view on #Lingayat community?
Will 'Modi mukt Bharat' call help opposition in 2019?
Can the 1996 formula work in 2019?
Has Pakistan embarrassed itself once again on the world stage by staging another video?
Why is Pakistan playing Victim After Harassing Indian Diplomats?
Geelani goes on record to back ISIS: Can India afford to ignore it?
What made BJP lose its bastions?
Can a 26 party alliance rule india?
Muthalik case: Is the image of judiciary at stake?
Is there a need for higher budget allocation to modernise our forces?
Does secret report confirm that investigators were aware of murder angle?
Geelani seen posing with a terrorist, is he using Kashmiri youth as 'pawns'?
Did Congress edit the video to show Rahul Gandhi had an upper hand?
Who allowed renewal of Farooq Takla's fake passport in a day in 2011?
Is Mamata Banerjee the benificiary as Left vs Right erupts on the streets of Kolkata?
Aide arrested after brother: Is Modi government cornering Dawood?
CBI to probe Chidambaram gold scheme
Political fight breaks out on the debate as #TDPPullsOut of NDA
Right goes Lenin statue hunting
Open & shut case of corruption?
Court or out of court settlement?
Strongest ever message to Army baiters
Where is the opposition?
Bid to sabotage Ayodhya talks?
BJP fails to rein in goonda netas?
Should P Chidambaram be questioned next on kickbacks?
Karti Chidambaram merely the conduit?
Ayodhya debate gets bigger
Dubai convinced with 'drowning'
Dubai prosecutor: Death by drowning
How did Sridevi die?
Will killer of 9 kids get away?
Where is Bollywood 'Me Too' brigade?
Global setback for Pakistan
National security not Army's concern?
Will Pakistan artists condemn Pakistan terror?
Global outlets open despite ED order. Doesn't it show Nirav Modi's arrogance?
Was Pakistan provoking when their chopper flew close to the LoC?
Should Arvind Kejriwal quit over #AAPSlapgate if he cant apologise?
#GiveOurMoneyBack | Why should Indians pay for Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya loot?
Republic tracks the scams. Why can't the agencies?
Is this an NDA era scam or a UPA era scam?
2 whistleblowers live on the debate with Arnab
Republic TV has accesses the 'ALPHA Files'
ED seizes Nirav Modi's property worth Rs 5,100 crore
National crackdown on corruption
Should Congress explain backing killer of 165 Indians?
Is it time to boycott Netas who communalise our forces?
#TimeForRevenge, not Hindu-Muslim divide
What 'misadventure' is Pakistan scared of?
Defense Minister says Pak must pay. Is this the strongest message ever?
Will you support a BJP decision to end the alliance with the PDP?
WHAT'S THE #TruthAboutRafale?
#AyodhyaTape Let Indians decide on Ayodhya
Do you back out of court settlement?
Major Aditya's father challenges Mehbooba
With this hard hitting speech in the Parliament, has PM Modi blown the bugle for 2019?
Debating PM's blazing speech
SP insults Army, will Rahul break ties?
Rahul, take back the 'Dhoka' pun
4 martyred in Pak missile attack
Cong repeats 'Dhokalam' betrayal
Republic TV's interview is CBI's new evidence
Has the government struck the right balance by being pro-poor, pro-women and pro-farmers?
Was it a political budget?
Are netas competing with PFI to communalise Kasganj?
With counter FIR, has army silenced Lobby?
Should those who tried to lynch Armymen in Shopian be punished?
Did Kalyan Singh's son make divisive speech?
Who let Tiranga yatra flare up?
Did the Tukde Tukde gang use Gauri Lankesh's birth anniversary to push their own political agenda?
Does the BJP & Cong silence expose Neta-Fringe nexus?
Should Political parties clarify their stand?
'Kayar Sena' boss cornered
Republic TV stings BJP leader over Padmaavat protests
Jibe correct, contrary or petty?
Will the fringe apologise?
Judges testify, will lobby apologise?
Mistake or conspiracy by lobby?
Rs 414 Crore gain for Gandhis?
Dr Swamy drops document bomb
'Dhoka-Lam' insult a blunder or planned?
Karni goons on a rampage
NDA or UPA: Who holds edge?
Modi or Rahul: Who's more popular?
India completely rejects lobby
Khattar abdicates, cops coverup?
Is Rahul's move to ally with Togadia a sign of desperation?
Has the Modi government shown strong political intent by ending Haj subsidy?
Should Lobby stop the cruel and inhuman attack on justice Loya's 21-year-old son?
If all judges are equal, why doubt the ability of other judges to handle cases?
Parties provoking judiciary crisis?
#CongHinduTerrorSham to deflect?
PM Modi wins global perception
Will re-probe expose coverup?
Jignesh Mevani unleashed goons after his rally flopped?
Time for a National movement?
Time to #StrikeDown377
Has centre softened its stand?
Why was Rahul Gandhi's right-hand man organising Jignesh's press meet?
Is there a conspiracy to divide India along caste and religious lines?
Rahul backing #TukdeTukdeGang?
Netas, #EndAppeasementPolitics now!
Congress shouts down historic bill
Citizens reject caste mob politics
Should Rahul Gandhi demand the arrest of Jignesh Mevani?
Is Congress leading the anti triple talaq bill lobby?
Is this one of the biggest foreign policy victories of the Modi government?
Isn't it time to Time to punish the anti-India brigade?
All the unmissable moments of 2017: Arnab On The Debate
#MumbaiFire | Who is responsible for this massacre?
#MumbaiFire | Does civic body not care?
Why did Cong, Owaisi try blocking the triple talaq bill?
India unites against Pakistan, but pro-Pak lobby betrays. Time to #CrushProPakLobby?
Hindu terror theory falls flat?
Don't videos prove Pak government lied?
Why did Pakistan allow media to infringe privacy despite understanding?
With the cross, LoC counter strike, has India made its intent clear?
Pakistan stoops to a new low
Give back Kulbhushan
Is Congress' factually incorrect and personal attack on Vinod Rai going too far?
Why is Congress claiming they've been vindicated?
6 years later, all accused acquitted in the 2G case. Do you agree with the 2G Verdict?
Did Congress jump the gun?
Is Congress endorsing Mevani's 'Haddi Galaana' and 'Ram Mandir' insult against Prime Minister Modi?
Global Terrorist Hafiz Saeed is the next Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Is Congress linking Gujarat loss to Parliament?
Should Rahul Gandhi concede defeat?
What's the moral victory?
Is Gujarat turning point for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?
Congress takes EVM controversy to the Supreme Court
The Union Cabinet cleared the bill on Triple Talaq
Gujarat and Himachal for BJP?
PM Modi Narendra Modi walks after casting vote, Congress runs to EC.
Was Rahul clearing UPA projects?
Did Rahul Gandhi not know that the EC had denied permission for audio-video?
Arnab asks: Why did Rahul's deputies complete his answers on specific questions twice during the briefing?
Has the seaplane emerged as the greatest political prop in India's history?
Pakistan and Manmohan Singh admit to meeting
Congress drags veterans to Ahmedabad
Has PM exposed Cong on gaali politics?
PM rakes up 'remove Modi' comment
PM demands 'neech' verdict on 14th
'Shiv bhakt' or 'Wazir e Alam'?
Sunni petitioner exposes Kapil Sibal
Why is JNU against mandir debate?
Expose the #LutyensAyodhyaFormula
Rahul wants temple blocked?
Gandhis' right to rule like Mughals?
Arnab grills Mallya LIVE 4 times
Is Cong trying to deflect attention by crying 'EVM rigged' after #RahulLosesAmethi?
India promises to crush every terrorist
Cong attacks PM Modi on religion
India growth story continues
Rahul declares himself non-Hindu
Musharraf declares love for Lashkar
Pakistan army plotted Copenhagen attack
2009 Wikileaks cable haunts Rahul
Has PM Modi silenced the Congress?
Lashkar's new Kasab caught alive
'Protect Hafiz' conspiracy on mail
Enough patience, let's smoke out Saeed
Church against Nationalist forces?
Pelters above Pandits for India?
Isn't minister using 'protocol' argument to shirk responsibility?
Shouldn't Saeed's release mean further international isolation for Pak?
Nationwide demand for Rahul's apology
Court bans, Government legislates
India for election, Rahul for coronation?
Temple at Ayodhya, Mosque in Lucknow?
India debates, Republic watches
Did Rahul misjudge Indian economy?
Shockwaves over #CashForJustice sting
Mock India for a few votes?
Did fringe get Raje's approval?
Sex tape scandal gets bigger
Sheena type coverup in Pradyuman case?
Sex CD out, has it gone too far?
Yoga teacher Vs Muslim fringe
Will any party allow this violence?
Zero influence = Zero justice?
Now, article questions a chief's character
Fix the poor to coverup blame?
This is not the first coverup
Would a neta get this treatment?
Padmavati blocked in Rajasthan
Sonia's signature on 'save Tehelka' letters
Will a case be filed against Sonia?
Insecure about settlement?
Do politicians really believe a movie will impact the Gujarat elections?
Does Rahul Gandhi endorse 'Hindu Terror' claim?
Veterans jump over to Congress camp?
Will Kamal show proof of 'Hindu terror'?
Rahul accuses India of 'rating fixing'
New player emerges in Ayodhya dispute
Nationwide #MyIndiaMyAnthem Campaign
Did congress insult Sardar Patel Legacy?
Veterans fighting for rights evicted
Is India still in denial on Love Jihad?
Sri Sri to mediate on Mandir?
Another Pak fake pic controversy
Tharoor email to Rajan out
Pak hawala racket under UPA
National Anthem debate goes viral
Conceal or Reveal Aadhaar?
Rahul Against Standing up for Anthem?
The Government unleashes a new plan. Is the worst over yet?
Will Hurriyat Declare Allegiance?
Nationwide anger over Gag order
Has Rahul Gandhi been caught red-handed buying fake Twitter following?
CBI writes to reopen Bofors: Should Congress leaders face questioning?
When leaders worldwide want to end VVIP racism, does Yogi government expect royalty?
Did cracker ban reduce pollution, or was it a flop?
Does BJP have more at stake, or does the Congress?
Pak bank link to Bofors payoffs?
Ram statue Yogi's priority?
Everything exposed now
Expose Congress, face #EmergencyMindset?
Will BJP sack Sangeet Som?
Developmment vs dynasty in Gujarat
Will other states follow Yogi Adityanath in deporting illegal migrants?
Filthy unacceptable Congress abuse. Any place for it at any level?
Shouldn't CBI explain why it couldn't establish a chain of evidence?
Uma Bharti spins a new #GandhiMurderTheory
Is it about Pollution or Religion?
Are Clerics above the Supreme Court?
Does Smriti hold the edge over Rahul?
Are crackers an Indian or Chinese tradition?
Why did Vijay Mallya name Sharad Pawar in his email?
Curbing Pollution = Anti-Hindu?
What did Mallya expect in return from Sonia Gandhi and Farooq Abdullah for favours given?
Hasn't the government simplified GST for India?
High voltage fight for Kerala
Hit the Pakistanis hard now, says Arnab
If this is not a new form of Aparthied, then what is? Arnab asks
why has Hrithik kept quiet about it for almost 2 years? Arnab asks.
Will they dare take that train? Arnab asks
Strip down every VVIP privilege, Arnab says
Problems in Economy: Real or Hype?
Al Qaeda plot to train Rohingyas?
16 Newbreaks later, CBI exposes UPA
Time for surgical strike 2.0?
Republic exposes Saeed-Rohingya link
Will Pro Rohingya Brigade explain?
India Tears apart Pakistan at the UN
Was Manmohan trying to push the line in Siachen without the approval of the Indian Army
Is this the worst of Rahul Gandhi yet?
Why is Mamata Banerjee playing competitive festival politics?
Tral killings not Kashmiri cause?
Should India be apologetic anymore? asks Arnab
Crackdown now, complete ban next? Arnab asks the panelists
Time to name the Mumbai Netas?
If Zakir Musa is threatening to hunt down Hindus in the valley, should India take action against him?
Why don't the people fighting for Rohingyas fight for Assamese?
Why should we suffer?
Rohingya Politics Above National Security?
Is CBI transfer a cover up to hide police failure?
Amarnath Yatra Attack Mastermind Killed
Ritabrata suspects foul play by CPM
Is there a bigger hint & a lead?
Should the case be reopened?
Did Rahul Gandhi go too far in his political narrative?
Haven't 'Arm chair activists' & 'Leutyens Media' used Bengaluru Protest to make political point?
Should strong action be taken against the school to set an example?
PoK response to survey shocks Pak
Arnab asks on the debate, Court orders framing of charges, will 'victim shamers' now apologise?
Did the Lutyens lobby get it wrong? Arnab asks the panelists
Should the Opposition which is blaming RSS & BJP share the evidence on #WhoKilledGauri?
The Hurriyat has tried to mock India by rolling out its 'jail bharo' campaign and threatened to march to Delhi. Isn't it time to jail the Hurriyat?
No choice for Pak but to accept itself as a terror state?
Who killed Sunanda and why was she killed? Arnab asks on the debate.
Is CBI transfer the only option now? Arnab asks the panelists.
Time To End The Quid-Pro Quo between Godmen and Netas?
Any room for Godmen appeasement in Indian politics?
Isn't it time for more aggression against terrorists?
Can the Gandhis deny #CongressEraCorruption?
With Dawood as state guest and ex-Prez as a 'proclaimed offender', time to declare Pak a terror state?
Left hand proven in RSS worker's murder?
When Yasin Malik's hand in Pandit killings is on tape, time to lock him up?
Where are those who called it a 'natural death'?
Where did the money go?
Is it time to make nationalism Rock campuses again?
Shouldn't the victims of Asaram be given justice as well?
Didn't the anti-social elements take part in the violence?
Why do political parties support fraudsters who masquerade as 'Godmen'?
Shouldn't the CM of Haryana resign for the lawlessness after #RamRahimJailed?
Shouldn't Haryana CM Step Down?
Is Mamata asking for a side to be picked by pitting one Festival Against the other?
How can a Baba & his Followers hold India hostage with Threat of Riots?
Can 'secular parties' now deny conspiracy against UCC?
Hasn't US president Donald Trump exposed Pakistan on the global stage?
After right to pray, is #TripleTalaqOver biggest win for Indian women?
Was Col. Purohit fixed to frame a false
Should Triple Talaq brigade apologise?
Why should Religious Institutions be Above ambit of Legality?
Did Mehbooba and Omar parrot Pak script on Article 35A?
Was there an attempt to Fabricate Evidence Against Col. Purohit?
Can Love Jihad be dismissed as a one-off any longer?
Why are some in Opposition still in denial on love jihad?
Did Netas try to misuse Rohiths Suicide for Political Reasons?
Is it time for J&K parties to heed PM'S message of integration in the valley?
Should the Kerala Government have tried to block Bhagwat in the first place?
Why is Mamata choosing an occasion like I-DAY for political vendetta?
Shouldn't celebrating India's freedom Struggle be above Politics?
Did Neglect, oversight & Apathy kill 63 Children in Yogi's UP?
Shouldnt the spirit of nationalism be fostered everywhere, including Madrassas?
Why speak of 'Muslim state' in Secular India of 2017?
Will pro Pak doves still use Islam argument to push their case?
Wasn't it opportunistic of Ansari to wait for his last day in office to preach on Muslims' 'unease'?
With multiple cases of VVIP racism in prison surfacing, isn't it time to teach these VVIP brats a lesson?
Why are Mehbooba, Farooq so worried about repealing Article 35(A) must be repealed and questions the hypocrisy of political parties in Jammu and Kashmir?
Isn't it make or break for Sonia Gandhi, given that with this results comes the biggest referendum on Congress credibility within?
With Ahmed Patel being Sonia Gandhi's political secretary, any doubt that this is Sonia Gandhi's election?
If a woman has male friends and drinks, is she inviting sexual assault?
What could be a bigger crime than a Neta holding an ambulance hostage?
Why should a man with 56 cases be dealt with in a sensitive manner?
From scams to corruption to the drama at Eagleton - Why is Sonia Gandhi always above question?
What was 8.6 crore of hard cash doing at Sonia's minister's aide's residence?
Is Yechury's left belittling the killing because victim was from RSS?
Is it surprising that a terror state like Pakistan is a rolling a red carpet out for terrorist Hafiz Saeed's political entry?
Does Superstar status justify bunking Parliament?
After stacks of cash were found in the IT raids on DK Shivakumar, does the Congress require any more proof?
Is filing Hurriyat coffers their 'Kashmiri Cause'?
Is Sonia Gandhi coming out in open support of Tharoor in the Sunanda case?
Why tolerate Dujana fan club on Indian soil?
Did Shashi Tharoor try to influence the AIIMS forensic chief?
Is it 'secular' to target a rationalist?
Mehbooba Mufti Provokes Again
Congress In Panic Mode
Is insulting the national song secular?
Is disrespecting martyrs a new fashion statement?
Is the 2019 fight now sealed, with Nitish joining NDA?
Hurriyat = One-stop destination for terrorists?
Is Nitish Kumar quitting the biggest game-changer for 2019?
The battle of 2019 will be forces against corruption vs. forces with dynasty?
Why Was The Gandhi Family Given A Clean Chit?
Why don't the 'liberals' want an army tank on JNU campus?
Will Rahul shrugging it off with arrogance bring closure on Rajiv's alleged role ?
Will shouting slogans answer why UPA Govt. buried Bofors?
Why is Delhi Police 'Not Certain' when autopsy report declared death due to poisoning?
Why did Basit meet Chinese Envoy ?
Shouldn't Farooq Quit Politics?
Aren't netas working only for themselves?
US calls Pakistan a safe haven for terrorists
3 Back to back attacks on Kashmiri Children
Why did Vadra meet Chinese envoy?
Should a man who pleaded for mercy for Yakub Memon be allowed to run for Vice-President of India?
Punish the honest, build VIP suite for the jailed?
Was DIG Roopa targeted because she only exposed the rot in Bengaluru prison?
Is accusing Rahman of 'too much Tamil' exposing the language bias?
Why hasn't the trial commenced over two years after the complaint was filed?
Why play down the ISIS threat when Dy SP Ayub Pandith's killer is draped in the Daesh flag?
Doesn't Kamal Haasan have a right to host any show he likes?
Does the videography prove that Sunanda died after being physically attacked?
It's time to end the hypocrisy.
Has Mamata's man revealed the full Basirhat truth?
How should India treat the #CongBurhanBrigade?
Real Story of Bengal Violence
Integration or Imposition? Join the big language debate with Arnab
In A World Exclusive, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks To Arnab
Republic TV Focuses On The Growing Tension In Basirhat
Protests Over Hindi Signages
Owaisi Tries to Divide India
Global Terrorist Exposes Pak
Biggest Sting on VVIP Racism
One India One Tax Countdown
PM's message to the vigilantes
Forgive Azam for defending mutilation?
Mulayam's Man Abuses Army
Is it a matter of time before Pakistan becomes global pariah?
Look Rich, Get Club Entry?
A police officer died while protecting a Hurriyat leader outside a mosque in Srinagar. Should we really be giving them a security cover?
Iconic Tamil politics commentator S Gurumurthy confirms to Republic that Rajinikanth will be entering politics. How will that impact the local parties in the state?
Before the International Court of Justice's verdict on the Kulbhushan Jadhav case, Pakistan has released another doctored video. How long will continue their cheap antics?
Is a small, 10-gram booklet enough to give the world complete coverage from around India's length and breadth?
Republic TV exposes an ISI man in the USA in an exclusive sting operation
What is wrong in being an agent of Indian nationalism?
Were protests against India's nuke plant funded by foreign money?
Ram Madhav's message, an indirect warning to Mebooba Mufti?
Should the Opposition oppose for the sake of being on the other side?
Isn't it time for a bigger crackdown on Pak proxies like Mirwaiz?
Isn't it time to change the rules of engagement?
26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed may walk free. Pakistan's crackdown charade to end?
When the Army talks tough, why is the J&K CM running them down?
At a time when India is mourning the loss of six J&K cops, why is the CM calling for talks?
Isn't Aviation Minister saying,
Where are all the bleeding hearts as another LeT attack on the security forces in J&K left 6 policemen dead?
How long would India continue tolerating VVIP racism?
Isn't it time to send anti-nationals like Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who was cheering for Pakistan during a cricket match, to Pakistan?
Will abusing Republic absolve Lalu and affiliates from mounting criminal allegations?
Who is Lalu to threaten to hit a reporter inside the temple of Indian democracy?
Should India cut off ties with UK if they continue to give sanctuary to Mallya?
Can the Congress deny this too?
Does Rahul's refusal to sack Sandeep prove it's #CongressVsArmy?
Why was an eminent lawyer like Harish Salve replaced by Khawar Qureshi?
Shouldn't Rahul Gandhi sack Sandeep Dikshit?
Is abusing the Indian Army a new political trend?
Do politicians have the courage to crack down the infamous cleric?
Is Bollywood scared of taking a stand?
Will Rahul Gandhi sack the MLA who incited violence?
What was the basis for the fatwa?
Should Rahul Gandhi apologise to the police?
What is the reason for Pakistan's desperation?
Who is responsible for the violence in Mandsaur?
Can the Police and the NIA ignore the ISIS tapes now?
Shouldn't Karat issue an unconditional apology for demoralising the forces?
Shouldn't those who are running a parallel court in our country be arrested immediately?
Is linking Kashmir jeep incident to General Dyer justified?
Shouldn't the VHP clamp down on the Bajrang Dal?
Why are the politicians so silent after NIA's crackdown?
Have Pak terror proxies been trapped and exposed?
Shouldn't the security of these separatists, who abuse India, be taken away?
Why are the politicians so uncomfortable after the NIA raids?
Is exposing Robert Vadra's deals a 'witch-hunt'?
After Kabul, can Pakistan remain in denial any longer?
Will the Gandhis continue to protect Robert Vadra?
Will the 'private citizen' argument work any longer?
What does the central govt's notification have to do with eating beef?
Have stone-pelters exposed their strategy?
Will the BJP isolate itself from the 'Ram Mandir' fringe?
Can Chidambaram call this a witch hunt any longer?
Is it secular to slaughter a calf in public view?
Should India give in to Pakistan blackmail?
Should a media house be stopped from probing into a murder?
Are you serious, Mr. Gandhi?
Hasn't the government delivered on its black money promise?
Is Army bashing the new Opposition fashion?
Pakistan tries war optics. But does anybody believe them?
Does a dynast politician have any right to question an Army Major?
Will Pak dare to bleed India now?
Shouldn't those who questioned Major Gogoi apologise now?
Will cocktail activists apologise for twisting facts in the jeep video?
Shouldn't those who harm the image of the Army apologise?
Given its credibility at the global stage, can Pak be taken seriously?
Did Major Leetul Gogoi have any other choice in that situation?
Did the then UPA government compromise on national interests?
Why does Pakistan consider itself above the ICJ?
Why was the release of ISIS suspect rushed by Telangana cops?
Isn't Karti leaving the country, a sign that he is cornered?
Will Pakistan send Kulbhushan back to India unharmed?
Will Pak agree that their argument was shattered by the ICJ?
Should the ideologues who inspire people to join the ISIS, be set free?
Can politicians continue to provide legal aid to ISIS terror suspects?
Will the Indian politicians have the guts to accept that ISIS is in India?
Will politicians continue with their policy of communal appeasement?
Pakistan says we should trust their courts, but should we?
On what basis does Pakistan expect the world to trust them?
Is it time for India to change its strategy on Pak?
Does Zakir Naik promote fanatic religious supremacy?
Doesn't Zakir Musa's tape reveal the 'Azadi' movement in Kashmir?
Why are you so afraid Shashi Tharoor?
What's worth more for the Gandhis, reputation or property?
What is Islamic about Zakir Naik?
If Republic TV can find the Lashkar men, why can't the security forces?
Red corner notice next for Zakir Naik?
Does Pakistan have an option but comply with ICJ's decision?
Who is Akhilesh Yadav to use our soldiers for political points?
Will Tharoor take Republic TV's questions?
Why didn't Tharoor inform Delhi Police about Republic TV leads?
Shouldn't Tharoor be arrested for misleading the investigation?
Should Tharoor step down and allow a fresh probe?
Shouldn't Kejriwal quit now?
Shouldn't Nitish Kumar snap all ties with Lalu immediately?
Shouldn't Lalu resign from politics and public life?
Shouldn't Nitish Kumar end the alliance with Lalu Prasad Yadav?
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