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Created November 2, 2014 16:03
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby -wU
# This script uses the command line twitter client
# You have to authorize Twurl one time before you can use ist, please read the
# README for Twurl which describes how to do it.
# What it basically does is it sets the flag that you don't want to see
# any retweets of any users at all.
require 'json'
friends = JSON.parse(`twurl "/1.1/friends/ids.json"`)["ids"]
no_retweets = JSON.parse(`twurl "/1.1/friendships/no_retweets/ids.json"`)
(friends - no_retweets).each do |id|
puts `twurl -X POST "/1.1/friendships/update.json" -d "user_id=#{id}&retweets=false"`
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