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xdt transform script
function XmlDocTransform($xml, $xdt)
if (!$xml -or !(Test-Path -path $xml -PathType Leaf)) {
throw "File not found. $xml";
if (!$xdt -or !(Test-Path -path $xdt -PathType Leaf)) {
throw "File not found. $xdt";
$scriptPath = (Get-Variable MyInvocation -Scope 1).Value.InvocationName | split-path -parent
Add-Type -LiteralPath "$scriptPath\Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.dll"
$xmldoc = New-Object Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.XmlTransformableDocument;
$xmldoc.PreserveWhitespace = $true
$transf = New-Object Microsoft.Web.XmlTransform.XmlTransformation($xdt);
if ($transf.Apply($xmldoc) -eq $false)
throw "Transformation failed."
XmlDocTransform -xml "<PhysicalFolderOfSitecoreWebApp>\App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config" -xdt "<PhysicalFolderOfSitecoreWebApp>\App_Data\Transforms\AzureBlobStorageProvider\Xdts\App_Config\ConnectionStrings.config.xdt"
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