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Query to count "lost" copies by the profile group of the user that "lost" them.
profile | lost_count
Users -> Patrons | 13790
Users -> Patrons -> Interloan | 3
Users -> Patrons -> Limited | 276
Users -> Patrons -> Special-No-Fines | 3
Users -> Staff -> Catalogers | 2
(5 rows)
-- Count copies in "Lost" or "Lost and Paid" status that have an open circulation with
-- stop_fines of LOST, grouped by the primary profile of that circulation's user
-- See comments below for additional limiters
-- Neat CTE to give full path of permission groups
-- modified from an example by Dan Scott
WITH RECURSIVE profile_tree(id, parent, name) AS (
SELECT id, parent, name FROM permission.grp_tree pgt WHERE id = 1
SELECT, pgt.parent, || ' -> ' ||
FROM permission.grp_tree pgt
INNER JOIN profile_tree ON pgt.parent =
WHERE pgt.parent IS NOT NULL
SELECT AS profile, COUNT(*) AS lost_count
FROM asset.copy acp
JOIN config.copy_status ccs ON acp.status =
-- rely on action.open_circulation view rather than trying to use
-- something like "most recent circulation"
JOIN action.open_circulation ocirc ON ocirc.target_copy =
JOIN actor.usr au ON ocirc.usr =
JOIN profile_tree ON au.profile =
WHERE acp.circ_lib IN (SELECT id FROM actor.org_unit_descendants(1)) -- option to limit by copy circ lib
AND acp.status IN (3, 17) -- "Lost", "Lost and Paid"
AND ocirc.stop_fines = 'LOST'
-- uncomment to exclude deleted copies
--AND NOT acp.deleted
-- uncomment to exclude where transaction is closed (usually because of zero balance)
--AND ocirc.xact_finish IS NULL
-- Get an idea of how well "Lost" and "Lost and Paid" copy status match up
-- with "LOST" stop_fines in your database
-- Databases with migrations in their history may differ greatly
SELECT COALESCE(ocirc.stop_fines, '[no open circ]') AS stop_fines, AS status, count(*)
FROM asset.copy acp
JOIN config.copy_status ccs ON acp.status =
LEFT JOIN action.open_circulation ocirc ON ocirc.target_copy =
WHERE acp.status IN (3, 17) -- "Lost", "Lost and Paid"
OR ocirc.stop_fines = 'LOST'
GROUP BY ocirc.stop_fines,
ORDER BY ocirc.stop_fines,;
stop_fines | status | count
LOST | Checked out | 280
LOST | Damaged | 2
LOST | Lost | 27079
[no open circ] | Lost | 1
(5 rows)
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