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A list of things used in divination, pulled from
by a baby's crawling
by a basin of water
by a divining rod
by a letter in a written language
by aerial visions
by altars
by animal behavior
by animal excrement
by animal horoscope
by animal shoulder blades
by ant behavior
by apt occasion
by arrows
by atmospheric conditions
by auras
by axes
by bamboo
by barley
by barley cakes
by beans
by beetle tracks
by biorhythms
by bird formations
by bird migration
by birth dates
by black magic
by blemishes
by blood
by blowing
by bodily fluids
by boiling a donkey's head
by bones
by bones or dice
by books or lines
by bouncing pearls
by bovine or caprid shoulder blades
by brushed cloth
by bumps on the skin
by burning
by burning coals
by burning laurel wreaths
by burning sage or figs
by burning straw with an iron
by burning writing onto bark
by buttocks
by candles
by cards
by casting
by cats
by celestial bodies
by chance encounters with animals
by chance events or overheard words
by cheese
by clouds
by coins
by colors
by comet tails
by computer oracles
by constellations
by convulsions
by cracks formed by heat on a turtle's plastron
by crystal ball
by cups
by demons
by dice
by dizziness
by dogs
by dominoes
by dragons
by drawing sixteen lines in sand
by dreaming
by dreams
by dripping blood
by dripping wax in water
by dust
by earth
by eggs
by excrement
by experiment/experience
by eye color
by eyes
by faces
by false means, such as Peter Answers
by fashion
by feelings of fear
by Feng Shui
by fields of light
by fig leaves
by films
by finger rings
by finger· and toenails
by fire
by fish behavior
by flame
by flour
by flowers
by flowers' feelings
by folding paper, especially paper money
by foolishness
by footprints
by fortune cookies
by fountains
by fractals
by frogs
by fruit
by galvanism
by gazing
by gems or stones
by geography and geological formations
by Greek guros, spiral, circle, and therefore vertebra
by guttural sounds
by hands
by hanging sieves
by horse behavior
by human sacrifice
by ice
by icons
by idols
by incense
by initials
by insects
by itches
by keys
by large cities
by large objects
by Latin nōmen, name
by Latin pēs
by Latin spatula, splint
by laughter
by leaves
by letters in a name
by lightning
by lightning and electricity
by lips
by liver
by logarithms
by looking over one's shoulder
by lots or ballots
by magic
by Mahjong tiles
by mathematics
by means of finger movements
by melting wax
by meteors
by minerals
by mirrors
by moles
by molten metal
by mountains
by navels
by needles
by numbers
by numbers and letters
by nursing
by observing patterns produced by chewing gum, gum wax, or products produced by the L. styraciflua tree
by observing shapes molten lead makes when poured in water
by observing the patterns produced by a collection of human hair
by Ogham letters
by oil
by oil ink stains
by old shoes
by omens
by one's own shoulders
by one's own soul, presage
by onion sprouts
by ouija board
by palms
by pebbles
by pendulums
by phrenological notations
by physical appearance
by pig bladders
by placenta
by playing a four·handed variant of the game
by poetry
by rainwater
by random shouts and cries heard in crowds, at night, etc.
by randomly opening a dictionary
by reflective objects
by rice gruel
by ridges on the breastbone
by rodent behavior
by rods, pendulums, or other cylindrical tools
by rods, sticks, or wands
by rooster behavior
by rooster divination
by rooster sacrifice
by rose petals
by sacred relics
by saints
by salt
by sand
by second glance or double take
by secrets
by seeds in bird excrement
by shade
by shadows
by shapes in smoke
by sharp objects
by shells
by sitting in a drawn circle or on a shield
by skulls
by sleep
by sleeping
by small objects
by smoke
by smoke or ash from incense
by snakes behavior
by soot
by sounds
by speaking to the dead, by corpses
by spider or crab behavior
by spiders
by spindles
by spirits
by spots on the skin
by statues
by strangers
by striking gongs or copper bowls
by studying handwriting
by studying sacrifices' entrails
by summoning damned souls
by swirling water in a cup
by swords or knives
by tarot
by tea leaves or coffee grounds
by technology
by teeth
by the appearance of plants
by the ashes of a specifically sacrificial or ritual fire
by the Bible
by the casting of lots, or sortes
by the configuration of one's brain
by the face
by the four elements
by the Hebrew alphabet
by the howling of dogs
by the human form
by the I Ching or the accompanying I Ching manual
by the Iliad and the Odyssey or the Aeneid
by the Kabbalah
by the lines of the forehead
by the moon
by the ravings of lunatics
by the remains of sacrificed animals
by the shape or texture of wood, or the appearance of burning wood
by the sky
by the soles of one's feet
by the sun
by the use of an electronic media player such as an electronic playlist, iPod, or other medium wherein one skips a certain number of songs and the lyrics and/or tune of the song is the answer to the divinatory question
by things accidentally seen or heard
by things found on the road
by things on paper
by those supposed to be possessed by a divine spirit
by throwing stones on the floor, practised at Taoist temples
by thunder
by thunder and lightning
by tree bark ashes, by sacrificial or ritual fire ashes, or human sacrificial victim ashes
by trees, especially oaks, yews, or mistletoe
by umbilical cords
by urine
by Vergil's Aeneid
by walking
by water
by water current
by water vessels exposed to air
by weights
by wheel ruts
by wheels
by wild hogs
by wind
by wine
by wine in a brass bowl
by words
by writing individual letters
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