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Created February 12, 2013 02:10
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Speech In PowerShell using Windows Speech API COM object
function Out-Speech($text) {
$speechy = New-Object –ComObject SAPI.SPVoice;
$voices = $speechy.GetVoices();
foreach ($voice in $voices) {
$speechy.Voice = $voice;
Out-Speech("Testing, One, Two, Three");
#Out-Speech("Eye m gunna ki ick yur ice, you sum bee itch!");
#Out-Speech("Oh no you dih-int.")
#Out-Speech("Ahsk naught wot yawr con tree con dew far you, ahsk wot yew con dew far yawr con tree")
#Out-SPeech("Eets a ME, Ah Mahd Eo")
#Out-Speech("Oh, dear! My bum is itching most terribly! I must scoot around on the rug to scratch it! Oh yes! That is SPLENDID!")
#Out-Speech("Turn left, in 100 feet and plow into that bus full of nuns.")
#Out-Speech("Accelerate up ramp and leap over all those stupid buses Evil K-neivel!")
#Out-Speech("In 100 feet you will die in a fiery explosion of death and molten car parts. So says the Oracle Of The Dashboard!")
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