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Jeff Bonnes jeffbonnes

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jeffbonnes / gist:483722dc18990aaf64fd
Created Dec 30, 2014
Errors Running Windows Phone Developer Preview
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Running this in Parallels. Clean Install of Window 8.1 Pro (x64). Visual Studio Community 2013. Version 12.0.31101.00
Instructions worked well. I was able to create / build / run in emulator a sample app from Visual Studio Community.
The app does seem to install on the Emulator - I can see the icon and the splash screen does flicker on first install. After that, when you tap on the icon in the emulator, it just flickers black and brings you back to the screen with the icon.
ti build output:
Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.5.0-dev, Titanium SDK version 3.6.0.v20141223223700
Copyright (c) 2012-2014, Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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I'm thinking this must have something to do with my node setup - but I think it is pretty standard!
magneto:hyperloop jeff$ hyperloop launch --src=examples/ios/spritekit --debug
[DEBUG] copying /usr/local/lib/node_modules/hyperloop/deps/_source-map.js to build/src/hl__source_map.js
[DEBUG] clang arguments are: -O0 -g -fobjc-abi-version=2 -fobjc-legacy-dispatch -fpascal-strings -fexceptions -fasm-blocks -fstrict-aliasing -fmessage-length=0 -fdiagnostics-show-note-include-stack -fmacro-backtrace-limit=0 -fmodules -arch i386 -mios-simulator-version-min=7.0 -isysroot /Applications/ -x objective-c -Xclang -ast-dump --analyze -fno-color-diagnostics -fretain-comments-from-system-headers /Users/jeff/Library/Application Support/org.appcelerator.hyperloop/objc.h
[DEBUG] Generated clang AST in 0.045 seconds.
[INFO] Generating system metabase will take up to a minute (or greater) depending on your environment.
jeffbonnes / app.js
Created Sep 16, 2011
Google Reader Starter
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Ti.include( "js/greader.js");
var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({
var button1 = Ti.UI.createButton({
jeffbonnes / tracer.js
Created Sep 12, 2011
A tracer object to Titanium Mobile to show elapsed time and memory usage
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var tracer = {};
(function() {
tracer.levels = {};
tracer.levels.DEBUG = 1;
tracer.levels.INFO = 2;
tracer.levels.WARN = 3;
tracer.levels.ERROR = 4;
tracer.levels.OFF = 5;
tracer.allTracers = [];
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