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  • Toronto, ON
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"amygdala" "anterior commissure: pars anterior" "anterior commissure: pars posterior" "basal forebrain" "bed nucleus of stria terminalis" "cerebellar peduncle: inferior" "cerebellar peduncle: middle" "cerebellar peduncle: superior" "cerebral aqueduct" "cerebral peduncle" "colliculus: inferior" "colliculus: superior" "corpus callosum" "corticospinal tract/pyramids" "cuneate nucleus" "dentate gyrus of hippocampus" "facial nerve (cranial nerve 7)" "fasciculus retroflexus" "fimbria" "fornix" "fourth ventricle" "fundus of striatum" "globus pallidus" "habenular commissure" "hippocampus" "hypothalamus" "inferior olivary complex" "internal capsule" "interpedunclar nucleus" "lateral olfactory tract" "lateral septum" "lateral ventricle" "mammillary bodies" "mammilothalamic tract" "medial lemniscus/medial longitudinal fasciculus" "medial septum" "medulla" "midbrain" "nucleus accumbens" "olfactory bulbs" "olfactory tubercle" "optic tract" "periaqueductal grey" "pons" "pontine nucleus" "posterior commissure" "pre-para sub