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[Desktop Entry]
# This file goes in /usr/share/xsessions
# -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1507 Feb 27 09:07 LXDE.desktop
# The names/descriptions should really be better
Comment=LXDE - Lightweight X11 desktop environment
Comment[ar]=لكسدي - بيئة سطح مكتب X11 خفيفة
Comment[cs]=LXDE - lehké X11 pracovní prostředí
Comment[de]=LXDE - Leichtgewichtige X11 Desktop-Umgebung
Comment[es]=LXDE - Entorno de Escritorio X11 Liviano
Comment[fi]=LXDE - kevyt X11-työpöytäympäristö
Comment[fr]=LXDE - Environnement de bureau léger pour X11
Comment[gl]=LXDE - Entorno lixeiro de escritorio X11
Comment[he]=LXDE - סביבת X11 קלילה לשולחן העבודה
Comment[is]=LXDE skjáborðsumhverfið - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
Comment[ja]=LXDE - 軽量な X11 デスクトップ環境
Comment[lg]=LXDE - Ekiteekateeka awakolerwa ekya X11 ekitanyunyunta kompyuta
Comment[nl]=LXDE - lichtgewicht werkomgeving voor X11 (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment)
Comment[pl]=LXDE - Lekkie środowisko pulpitowe X11
Comment[pt]=LXDE - Ambiente de trabalho X11
Comment[pt_BR]=LXDE - Ambiente de trabalho leve X11
Comment[ru]=LXDE - Легковесное окружение рабочего стола X11
Comment[sl]=LXDE - Lahko namizno okolje za X11
Comment[sv]=LXDE - Lightweight X11 desktop environment
Comment[tr]=LXDE - Hafif X11 masaüstü ortamı
Comment[uk]=LXDE - Легке середовище стільниці X11
Comment[zh_CN]=LXDE - 轻量的 X11 桌面环境
Comment[zh_TW]=LXDE - 輕量級的 X11 桌面環境
# Icon=
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