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MemberRestSvc - Apex REST Service (v24)
global with sharing class MemberRestSvc {
global static ReturnClass doGet() {
String[] uriKeys = RestContext.request.requestURI.split('/');
// get the member name from the uri
String memberName = uriKeys.get(uriKeys.size()-3);
// do awesome programming stuff here & catch any exceptions
try {
List<Contact> contacts = [Select Id From Contact where member_name__c = :memberName];
return new ReturnClass('true', 'Query executed successfully.', contacts);
} catch (Exception e) {
return new ReturnClass('false', e.getMessage(), null);
global class ReturnClass {
global String success;
global String message;
global List<Contact> records;
global ReturnClass(String success, String message, List<Contact> records) {
this.success = success;
this.message = message;
this.records = records;
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