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Script to generate a tpToday.taskpaper file containing all priority tasks from other taskpaper files.
import os
import io
import sys
import shutil
import re
import string
from datetime import date, datetime, time
# add as many taskpaper files as you want here
filelist = [
# this is where your today perspective will be stored
targetfile = '/Users/person/Dropbox/Elements/tpToday.taskpaper'
d =
today = d.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
dt =
todayText = 'Last Run: ' + dt.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')
regex = "((@+\\bcritical*)|(@+\\btoday*)|(@+\\bhigh)|(@+\\bdue\(" + today + "\)))(?!.*@done)"
for taskfile in filelist:
# open the file for reading
currFile = open(taskfile)
todayText = todayText + '\n' + 'Filename: ' + taskfile + '\n'
currentProject = ''
project = 'None'
# loop through the lines
for line in currFile:
# if you find a project
if line.find(':') != -1:
if line != project:
project = line
# if it isn't a project, look for the target regex
# add more here for extended date math
match =, line)
if match:
if project == currentProject:
currentProject = project
todayText = todayText + '\n' + project
todayText = todayText + line
# put the newly created text data into tpToday.taskpaper
todayFile = open(targetfile, "w")
# Now set up jobs in Lingon to run when any of your taskpaper files change.
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