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Jeff Handley jeffhandley

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View droppedstyle.cshtml
my-custom-class:before {
top: 0px;
/* this renders fine */
my-custom-class::before {
top: 0px;
/* this css class is not rendered */
jeffhandley / dont-need-do.jsx
Created Dec 7, 2017
You don't need `do` to have if statements in functions
View dont-need-do.jsx
function View({ loading, error, ...otherProps }) {
if (loading) {
return (<Loading />);
if (error) {
return (<Error error={error} />);
return (<MyLoadedComponent {...otherProps} />);
jeffhandley / PropDefinitions.jsx
Created Nov 6, 2017
Defining PropTypes for nested components
View PropDefinitions.jsx
/* NameDisplay.js */
import ReactPropTypes from 'prop-types';
const NameDisplay = ({name}) => (
First Name: {name.first}
Last Name: {name.last}
jeffhandley / magic.js
Created Aug 6, 2017
Process your OneDrive Camera Roll into year/month folders
View magic.js
function loadCameraRoll(url, max, done) {
url = url || "";
max = max || 200;
console.log('LOADING PHOTOS');
url: url,
dataType: "json",
headers: { "Authorization": "Bearer " + window.token },
jeffhandley / open-slack-profile-pictures.js
Created Apr 25, 2017
Open profile pictures for all members of a slack channel
View open-slack-profile-pictures.js
document.querySelectorAll("#channel_page_all_members a.lazy.member_preview_link.member_image.thumb_20")
.forEach(function(member) {^url\(\'(.*)-48\'\)$/, "$1-128"));
jeffhandley / package.json
Last active Sep 19, 2016
webpack configs
View package.json
"scripts": {
"build:core": "babel src -d lib && webpack",
"build": "NODE_ENV=production npm run build:core",
"postbuild": "echo 'Build Complete'",
"predev": "webpack --config",
"dev": "NODE_ENV=development babel-node src/server",
"start": "nodemon --watch src/ -e js,jsx --exec npm run dev"
"devDependencies": {
jeffhandley / Greeting.jsx
Last active Jul 20, 2016
Is there a better way to build this React component other than using ReactDOMServer.renderToStaticMarkup and dangerouslySetInnerHTML?
View Greeting.jsx
// Returns a translated form of "Welcome back, <strong>Jeff</strong>. It's good to see you again."
// There are several messages that can be supplied and they can have different sentence structures
// Regardless of the message, the name needs to be wrapped in a <strong> tag
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOMServer from 'react-dom/server';
export default React.createClass({
displayName: 'Greeting',
jeffhandley / page.js
Last active Feb 13, 2016
A pattern for server-side async data loading with React components
View page.js
import React from 'react';
export default (req, res, callback) => {
// Do async work, consuming data off req if needed
// Potentially set headers or other data on res
// When all the data is loaded, call the callback with the component
render() {
return (
jeffhandley / gist:7883875
Created Dec 10, 2013
Named objects in a graph
View gist:7883875
// What Example 46 shows here:
"@graph" : [
"@id": "#homer",
"": "Homer"
"@id": "#bart",
"": "Bart",
"": { "@id": "#homer" }
jeffhandley / Get-RandomPassword.ps1
Created Aug 22, 2013
Get a new random password
View Get-RandomPassword.ps1
Returns a random, timestamped, password
# Base64-encode the Guid to add some additional characters
[DateTime]::Now.ToString("MMMddyy") + "!" + [Convert]::ToBase64String([Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes([Guid]::NewGuid().ToString()))
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