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How to update kubectl to see a new Kubernetes cluster
# This is something that I always forget and had a surprisingly hard time finding (or better yet, understanding). Here's the
# scenario: a colleague creates a new kubernetes cluster, named"". You want to look at it (for
# troubleshooting, updating the deployment, whatever). To get your kubectl installation to "see" the new cluster, take the
# following steps:
# ASSUMPTION: You have pointed kops to some location where the cluster configurations are stored
# (I have this in my ~/.bash_profile):
export KOPS_STATE_STORE=s3://example-state-store
# Use kops to get the list of clusters
$ kops get clusters
NAME CLOUD ZONES aws us-west-2a aws us-west-2a aws us-west-2a
# Export the configuration of the cluster you care about; this will update your ~/.kube/config file, so kubectl knows about it:
$ kops export kubecfg
Kops has set your kubectl context to
# Now you should see the in your list of kubectl contexts:
$ kubectl config get-contexts

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yuriatgoogle commented Mar 15, 2019

Thank you for this.

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