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Created June 11, 2020 20:35
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A quick test of condition elements in ant
<project name="condition-test" default="all">
<target name="condition">
<condition property="isTomcat">
<matches pattern="^(tomcat)" string="${webContainer}" />
<condition property="isWebLogic">
<matches pattern="^(web)" string="${webContainer}" />
<target name="all" depends="condition">
<echo message="the value of webContainer is ${webContainer}"/>
<echo message="isTomcat = ${isTomcat}"/>
<echo message="isWebLogic = ${isWebLogic}"/>
# Test:
$ ant -f ant-condition-test.xml -DwebContainer=tomcat
Buildfile: /Users/jeff.johnson/dev/ant-condition-test.xml
[echo] the value of webContainer is tomcat
[echo] isTomcat = true
[echo] isWebLogic = ${isWebLogic}
Total time: 0 seconds
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