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ES Class Property Declarations
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WeeHorse commented Apr 21, 2017


class Whatever{
    // yeah they call me a method but I am of the Function type

but not

class Whatever{
  someSymbolThatIsNotAFunction = 1;

is to violate JS syntax basics.

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bounceme commented Jun 2, 2017

so are semicolons required after each instance property set using this proposed syntax? otherwise a criticism i have is that the class body is messier and looks too much like any other set of statements of a regular function, and parsing things like *ident (){} is much harder

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littledan commented Jun 2, 2017

No, semicolons are not required; they follow normal ASI rules and may come automatically. The grammar contains semicolons, just as it does at the end of normal statements which are also subject to ASI.

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dawsbot commented Jun 29, 2017

Should be updated from "stage 0" in the description of this gist to "stage 2" @jeffmo. Thanks for the information 👌

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