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@jeffochoa jeffochoa/event.js
Last active Nov 19, 2018

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VueJs global event dispatcher

Use Example

const GlobalEvent = require('./event');
window.Event = new GlobalEvent();

Then you can listen for events from other Vue components

export default {
    methods: {
        myHandler() {
            alert('Do something');
    created() {
        Event.listen('myEvent', (data) => this.myHandler(data));

Also you can fire those events from anywhere'myEvent', {foo: "bar"});

Learn more

This was taken from laracasts: Component Communication Example #2: Event Dispatcher

class Event {
constructor() {
this.vue = new Vue();
fire(event, data = null) {
this.vue.$emit(event, data);
listen(event, callback) {
this.vue.$on(event, callback);
module.exports = Event;
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