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Running a Bitcoin Core Full Node - Additional Installation Notes

Addtional Setup and Installation Notes for Running a Full Node (Linux)

  • Install fail2ban
  • (Optional) Block data is getting larger (although at a slower pace), so you might be mounting an external drive to .bitcoin dir. If so follow these steps:
   # You want this to auto mount on reboot (or else you'll have to manually mount every time):
 - `sudo blkid` # Make note of the UUID of your drive
 - `sudo vim /etc/fstab` # Append additional entry and your mount directory (easy to default to `$HOME/.bitcoin`)
    e.g. `UUID=<hexadecimal-dashed-uuid> /home/<your-user-name>/.bitcoin/ ext4 defaults 0 0` 
 - `sudo mount -a` # Test this, you'll get errors if any
  • Below is an example bitcoin.conf where I prefer reduced traffic:
# Node installation and running:

# Maintain at most N connections to peers.

# Tries to keep outbound traffic under the given target (in MiB per 24h), 0 = no limit.

# [debug]
# Enable debug logging for all categories.

# Log IP Addresses in debug output.

# [rpc]
# Username for JSON-RPC connections
# Password for JSON-RPC connections
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