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var plan = require('flightplan');
var username = 'logicfo3';'production', [
host: '',
username: username,
privateKey: '/Users/jc/.ssh/id_rsa',
agent: process.env.SSH_AUTH_SOCK
plan.local(function(local) {
// prompt for passphrase (so we don't have to hardcode it in the object above)
var passphrase = local.prompt('Enter your passphrase:', { hidden: true }); {
host.passphrase = passphrase;
// build jekyll for production
local.exec('JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll build', {silent: true});
local.log('Copying files to remote host');
// copy only the _site directory to ~ of server
var filesToCopy = local.find('\_site -type f', {silent: true});
local.transfer(filesToCopy, '~');
plan.remote(function(remote) {
// move the contents of the copied folder to public_html/
remote.exec('cp -R ~/_site/* ~/public_html', {user: username});
// remove the temporary _site folder from the server
remote.exec('rm -rf ~/_site');
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