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Spring Config for RestTemplate to use contextPath from Consul
* Workaround to let RestTemplate use the contextPath from Consul when calling URLs
* (instead of only using the host and port)
* See
* Put this in any spring config class
LoadBalancerRequestTransformer consulContextPathTransformer() {
new LoadBalancerRequestTransformer() {
HttpRequest transformRequest(HttpRequest request, ServiceInstance instance) {
String contextPath = instance?.server?.metadata?.contextPath
contextPath ? new ConsulContextPathServiceRequestWrapper(request, contextPath) : request
class ConsulContextPathServiceRequestWrapper extends ServiceRequestWrapper {
final String contextPath
ConsulContextPathServiceRequestWrapper(ServiceRequestWrapper serviceRequestWrapper, String contextPath) {
super(serviceRequestWrapper.request, serviceRequestWrapper.instance, serviceRequestWrapper.loadBalancer)
this.contextPath = contextPath
URI getURI() {
URI origURI = super.getURI()
new URIBuilder(origURI).setPath(contextPath + origURI.path).build()
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