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Personal photo backup process

Personal Photo Backup Process

Just some notes so I can remember how I setup my phones to sync to my Crashplan backup on my PC


  • Backup pics from multiple iPhones
  • The backup should be wireless and automatic (or close)
  • Backup all files on PC to Crashplan
  • Extra points for backing up new photos to the same place as existing old photos and camera photos


  1. Use Google Photos App on iPhone
    1. Set to backup full original file size
  2. In Google Drive app on Drive
    1. Uncheck the setting to copy photos into a folder on Drive
  3. On PC Install the Google Drive Sync software
    1. Tell Google Drive to sync to PC
    2. You should see a Photos folder in Drive - even though you turned it off in the Drive app ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Make sure that CrashPlan is backing up the local Google Drive folder
    1. added bonus, this also has crashplan backup all of your google drive documents too
  5. Optional - Disable iCloud backup of photos. I usually keep it on anyway because it is basically free, but I don't need it.

Manual Step

  • Every once in a while, on the phone, go into Google Photos and make sure the photos have sync'd to the cloud. Then free up the space locally on the phone.
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