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Basic signal integrity test case
.title NGSpice coupling simulation circuit for comparison with odeint
* by Jeff Trull <> 2012-05-25
*** passive subcircuit module representing the driver impedances, traces, and receiver loads
*** (leaves input voltages to caller)
.subckt coupling_testcase aggdrv vicdrv aggrcv vicrcv gnd
+ raggdrv=100 ragg1=1k cagg1=100f ragg2=1k cagg2=100f caggl=20f
+ rvicdrv=100 rvic1=1k cvic1=100f rvic2=1k cvic2=100f cvicl=20f
+ ccoup=100f
* Aggressor trace
Raggdrv aggdrv agg1 {raggdrv} ; driver impedance
Cagg1a agg1 gnd {cagg1/2.0} ; first pi model
Ragg1 agg1 aggc {ragg1} ; first pi model
Cagg1b aggc gnd {cagg1/2.0} ; first pi model
Cagg2a aggc gnd {cagg2/2.0} ; second pi model
Ragg2 aggc aggrcv {ragg2} ; second pi model
Cagg2b aggrcv gnd {cagg2/2.0} ; second pi model
Caggl aggrcv gnd {caggl} ; aggressor rcvr load
* Victim trace
Rvicdrv vicdrv vic1 {rvicdrv}
Cvic1a vic1 gnd {cvic1/2.0}
Rvic1 vic1 vicc {rvic1}
Cvic1b vicc gnd {cvic1/2.0}
Cvic2a vicc gnd {cvic2/2.0}
Rvic2 vicc vicrcv {rvic2}
Cvic2b vicrcv gnd {cvic2/2.0}
Cvicl vicrcv gnd {cvicl}
* Coupling point
Ccoup aggc vicc {ccoup} ; coupling cap
*** inputs
Vaggdrv aggdrv 0 PWL(0 0 200ps 1.0) ; driver ramp
Vvicdrv vicdrv 0 0 ; quiescent
*** instantiate test circuit
Xtraces aggdrv vicdrv aggrcv vicrcv 0 coupling_testcase
+ raggdrv=100 ragg1=1000 cagg1=100f ragg2=1000 cagg2=100f caggl=20f
+ rvicdrv=100 rvic1=1000 cvic1=100f rvic2=1000 cvic2=100f cvicl=20f
+ ccoup=100f
*** perform analysis
.tran 1ps 1000ps
* measure statements corresponding to data analysis done in C++
.measure tran VictimReceiverExcursion MAX v(vicrcv)
.measure tran AggDelay TRIG V(xtraces.agg1) VAL=0.5 RISE=1 TARG V(aggrcv) VAL=0.5 RISE=1
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