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Last active January 6, 2017 05:33
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A list of Tweetbot mute filters for "viral" clickbaity headlines to reduce the amount of pageview-farming crap listicles you get exposed to on the internet these days. Inspired by @snipe's Downworthy: — if only Tweetbot supported regex replace…
(?i)(([0-9]{1,3})|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine|ten|eleven|twelve|twenty|eigh|thir|four|fif|six|seven|eight|nine)(teen|ty)?( (more|extra))? (reasons?|weird|things?|gifs?|spectacular|fantastic|tips|pieces|confessions|awesome|ludicrous|incredible|stages|movies?|films?|crazy|epic|easy|outrageous(ly)?|hilarous(ly)?|scar(y|iest)|\bof the\b|ways?|signs?|life ?(hacks?)|tweets|impossibl(e|ly)|productiv(e|ivity)|quotes|apps|best|simple)
(?i)what happen(s|ed) next
(?i)((won|can)'t|(will|can) ?not) believe
(?i)faith in humanity
(?i)can('|no)?t (even )?handle
(?i)(life|work(place)?|office) hacks?
(?i)mind( |-)?blow(n|ing)
(?i)bl(e|o)w (my|it’?s’?|her|his|their|your) mind
(?i)chang(e|ing|ed) (my|it’?s’?|her|his|they|their) mind
(?i)life( |-)?changing
(?i)prepare (me|it|her|him|them|they|you) for
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