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Auto-increment build number script for Xcode
echo $TARGET
if [ ! -f "$TARGET" ]; then
echo "missing file $TARGET"
exit 1;
# the perl regex splits out the last part of a build number (ie: 1.1.1) and increments it by one
# if you have a build number that is more than 3 components, add a '\.\d+' into the first part of the regex.
NEW_VERSION=`/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print CFBundleVersion" "$TARGET" | /usr/bin/perl -pe 's/(\d+\.\d+\.)(\d+)/$1.($2+1)/eg'`
/usr/libexec/PListBuddy -c "Set CFBundleVersion $NEW_VERSION" "$TARGET"
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carlj commented Jan 28, 2013

you should update the Target calculation to:


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