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Created Mar 12, 2019
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import json
import uuid
import time
import hashlib
import base64
from ecdsa import SigningKey
from ecdsa.util import sigencode_der
bundle_id = 'com.myapp'
key_id = 'XWSXTGQVX2'
product = 'com.myapp.product.a'
offer = 'REFERENCE_CODE' # This is the code set in ASC
application_username = 'user_name' # Should be the same you use when
# making purchases
nonce = uuid.uuid4()
timestamp = int(round(time.time() * 1000))
payload = '\u2063'.join([bundle_id,
str(nonce), # Should be lower case
# Read the key file
with open('cert.der', 'rb') as myfile:
der =
signing_key = SigningKey.from_der(der)
signature = signing_key.sign(payload.encode('utf-8'),
encoded_signature = base64.b64encode(signature)
print(str(encoded_signature, 'utf-8'), str(nonce), str(timestamp), key_id)
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arifulalam commented Apr 12, 2019

Hi :),
Is this possible to generate this signature using PHP instead of Python?


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alexcc4 commented May 24, 2019

Hi, I just try, not working.It seems invalid signature.Any update?

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xiongjinpeng commented Feb 23, 2022

payload.encode('utf-8') maybe modify to payload.decode("unicode_escape").encode('utf-8') ?

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pnico commented May 10, 2022

payload.encode('utf-8') maybe modify to payload.decode("unicode_escape").encode('utf-8') ?

@xiongjinpeng I owe you a beer ❤️ why is this needed? I don't care, it works now 😂

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