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jelizarovas / Installing Lite on Chromebook
Created Feb 13, 2021
journey to install lite code editor
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I want to develop on my pixelbook. Installing vscode on it runs like crap, with ms delay between typing. So i was looking for alternatives.
Tried `` but could not live reload, because watching my repo and running it at the same time errored out.
Tried installingn bracket - which already did not look promising - ran into installation problems, scrap it.
But when my work got cancelled, and after going through my email medium weekletter i found this article ``
It looks like low latency promising editor that should run on it.... the problem is with installing it. Can't figure it out.
View refresher.js
const produce = ["132456789", "Orange", "Banana"];
const customer = ["Marc", "Lozinski", "8605150847", "Male"];
const customers = [
name: "Marc",
lasname: "Lozinski",
phone: "8605150847"
View mernSetups.js
# sets up package.json file
npm init
# express is our main framework
# mongoose is used to connect/interact with MongoDB
# body-parser allows us to get the data throughout the request
# bcryptjs is a password hashing function designed by Niels Provos and David Mazières
# validation (as its name implies) is used for validation
npm i express mongoose body-parser bcryptjs validation