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Webcam snapshot on every git commit
# This script will make a webcam snapshot every commit. The jpg file will have
# the commit id as the filename.
# This script requires imagesnap. Install with: 'brew install imagesnap'
# Put this file in the '.git/hooks/' name it 'post-commit' and chmod it by:
# 'chmod +x .git/hooks/post-commit'
# Make sure the .gitshots directory exists in the root of the repo.
# Inspired by Victor Martinez (
# Todo:
# * Check if '.gitshots' excists otherwise make it!
# * Add snapshot on pre-commit to repo
COMMITID=$(git rev-parse HEAD)
imagesnap -q -w 1 .gitshots/$COMMITID.jpg
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niksumeiko commented Feb 3, 2014

@jellea, do you know if your script lags after each commit while producing webcam snapshot? Or you still need to wait for camera to take a picture?

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marcolz commented Aug 25, 2015

@manakor Adding an ampersand at the end of the last line should prevent the script from lagging.

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