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jen20/index.ts Secret

Created June 26, 2018 08:12
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import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws";
const baseTags = {
"Project": "Demo"
let azs = aws.getAvailabilityZones();
let getAz = async function (index: number): Promise<string> {
return (await azs).names[index];
const vpc = new aws.ec2.Vpc("vpc", {
cidrBlock: "",
enableDnsHostnames: true,
enableDnsSupport: true,
tags: baseTags
const privateSubnets = ["", "", ""].map((cidr, index) => {
return new aws.ec2.Subnet(`subnet${index}`, {
availabilityZone: getAz(index),
cidrBlock: cidr,
mapPublicIpOnLaunch: false,
tags: Object.assign({"Name": `Private Subnet ${index + 1}`}, baseTags)
export const vpcId =;
export const privateSubnetIds = =>;
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