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Working from home

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Working from home
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RailsGirlsLA & vivaLAvue

October 16, 17, 24th, 2020

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Rails Girls / vivaLAvue is a three-day free event targeted at women to give them a great first experience in software craftmanship. We aim to impart inspiration to get started, tools to understand technology, and an open, supportive community. Rails Girls is not just about programming, it’s about building things. During the workshop, attendees will build their first Ruby on Rails application and a Vue app on the subsequent Saturday with help and guidance from their coach. We will also have inspiring lightning talks and exercises throughout. We provide guidance, encouragement and commraderie in a safe space to learn and ask questions.

Rails Girls worldwide

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The Agile Librarian

1 Introduction

Hi my name is Jen Diamond I am a developer at UCLA where my Team and I are working on a digital repository for the library.

I came to UCLA Library from the world of startups where Agile was a daily practice.

I was very fortunate to be mentored by Pivotal Labs who are top of the game consultants.


The Agile Librarian

At UCLA we are building our digital library using Agile methodologies. We use quick iterative sprints, work towards a minimum viable product and continuously deploy as we build. This is a switch from the waterfall building techniques that resulted in many unfinished projects and long waits for simple changes.

I will discuss the Agile tools and methods our teams uses, including


Cookies Sessions and Encryption


  • We send a token in a post request triggered by the button to EMEL
  • Then EMEL authenticates the User
  • Then EMEL sends back a GET request which returns the token in a redirect which follows the callback URL back to our SinaiPOC
  • Then WE verify the token by checking to see if it is stored in the database


  • Set a cookie with the domain:
Prefix / *_path Verb URI Pattern Controller#Action
importer_documentation_guide_path GET /importer_documentation/guide(.:format) importer_documentation#guide
importer_documentation_csv_path GET /importer_documentation/csv(.:format) importer_documentation#csv
csv_imports_path GET /csv_imports(.:format) csv_imports#index
- POST /csv_imports(.:format) csv_imports#create
new_csv_import_path GET /csv_imports/new(.:format) csv_imports#new
csv_import_path GET /csv_imports/:id(.:format) csv_imports#show
preview_csv_import_path POST /csv_imports/preview(.:format) csv_imports#preview

Don't lose faith in the reliability of your test suite It is human nature to ignore alarms when there is a history of false signals coming from a system.

Flaky Tests have a destructive effect on developer productivity

  • builds were needlessly retried,
  • trust in our test suite was eroded, and
  • frustration with our CI system grew among the team.
  • Non-deterministic tests led to slower iteration velocity because we couldn’t rely on our build results, and


Collection Document

Manifest - manuscript & all it's images

Titles in Samvera = labels in manifest

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