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This is the second custom function for our search. It just look sin the JSON file using jQuery getJson.
var displyResult = function(blogTitle,blogCategory,blogTags,blogLink,blogDate,blogSummary) {
var results = '<article class="posts blogpage">'+
'<h2 class="entry-title">'+
'<a class="post-link" href="'+blogLink+'">'+blogTitle+'</a>'+
'<div class="entry-summary">'+
blogSummary +
'<a href="'+blogLink+'">Continued</a>'+
'<span class="badge blog-date">'+
'<time class="published">'+
'<div class="pull-right">';
for (var j in blogTags) {
if (blogTags[j] === null){
} else {
results = results + ' <span class="label label-primary taggedPost"><a href="/search.html?searchbox='+blogTags[j]+'">' + blogTags[j] + '</a></span> ';
results = results + '</div>'+
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