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Last active Dec 19, 2019
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A cheatsheet of Rx.NET to rxjs operators


System.Reactive rxjs 6
Observable.Return import { of } from "rxjs"
Observable.Empty import { EMPTY } from "rxjs"
Observable.Never import { NEVER } from "rxjs"
Observable.Throw import { throwError } from "rxjs"
Observable.Create new Observable(observer => {})
Observable.Range import { range } from "rxjs"
Observable.Generate import { generate } from "rxjs"
Observable.Interval import { interval } from "rxjs"
Observable.Timer import { timer } from "rxjs"


System.Reactive rxjs 6
.Where import { filter } from "rxjs/operators"
.Distinct import { distinct } from "rxjs/operators"
.DistinctUntilChanged import { distinctUntilChanged, distinctUntilKeyChanged } from "rxjs/operators"
.IgnoreElements import { ignoreElements } from "rxjs/operators"
.Skip, .Take import { skip, take } from "rxjs/operators"
.SkipWhile, .TakeWhile import { } from "rxjs/operators"
.SkipLast, .TakeLast import { skipLast } from "rxjs/operators"
.SkipUntil, .TakeUntil import { skipUntil } from "rxjs/operators"


System.Reactive rxjs 6


System.Reactive rxjs 6
.MinBy, .MaxBy

Combining sequences

System.Reactive rxjs 6
.Switch import { switchAll } from "rxjs/operators"
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