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$ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"
function Main {
"This script creates a zip file that contains all files changed between two commits."
"Commits can be specified as commit IDs (SHA) or as branch names."
"For example: 'master' or 'ff39683ed6'"
$git_dir = Read-Host -Prompt "Git directory"
$to_commit = Read-Host -Prompt "Commit to deploy"
$from_commit = Read-Host -Prompt "Previously deployed commit"
pushd $git_dir
try {
$datestr = "{0:yyMMdd-HHmmss}" -f (get-date)
$export_filename = "export_$"
# All files that have been changed, excluding deleted files
$changed_files = git diff --name-only "$from_commit" "$to_commit" --diff-filter=d
# Deleted files, for listing
$deleted_files = git diff --name-only "$from_commit" "$to_commit" --diff-filter=D
# Create the export
git archive --output="$export_filename" $to_commit $changed_files
"Created $export_filename in $git_dir"
if ($deleted_files) {
"Deleted files:"
foreach ($filename in $deleted_files) {
" - $filename"
} finally {
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