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Fix the serial port in use issue for Java/Arduino on OS X Lion.
--- Fix the Arduino Serial Port in use Issue on OS X Lion
--- copyleft jens alexander ewald,
--- based on a google search with the keywords:
--- "osx lion arduino port already in use"
--- Credit also to this bolg entry:
--- Download a compiled version here:
display dialog "Would you like to fix the Lion issue for Arduino (Admin priviliges needed!)?" buttons ¬
{"Yes, please!", "Nope, i'm fine."} with icon stop default button 1 giving up after 30
set DlogResult to result
if button returned of result = "Yes, please!" then
do shell script "sudo mkdir -p /var/lock && sudo chmod 0777 /var/lock" with administrator privileges
display dialog "Fix successfully applied." buttons {"Thanks"} with icon note
display dialog "Fix was not applied. Try again, if you need to." buttons {"OK"} with icon caution
end if
on error errorMsg number errorNum
display alert "Could not fix it!" message "Try: sudo \"mkdir /var/lock && sudo chomd 0777 /var/lock\" in the Terminal. " & errorMsg buttons "Cancel" default button 1
end try
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bjosephs commented May 6, 2013

This isn't working for me. It runs as described but the "port in use" error is unchanged.


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