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Permission Analysis and Design Working Group Timeline
# See documentation concerning Mermaid-based gantt charts
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# * Install atom-mermaid (
# * Open atom and paste this document into an empty buffer
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# * In the preview pane, right click and select "Save As PNG"
dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD
title Permission Analysis and Design Working Group Timeline
section Chartering
Initial Draft : id, 2017-12-08, 3d
Circulate for Comment : cfc, after id, 7d
Holiday Break : crit, hb, 2017-12-22, 14d
Finalize Charter and Invite Members : fcaim, after cfc, 28d
Organize Working Group Members: swgm, after fcaim, 7d
section Analysis
Review: r, after swgm, 14d
Circulate Context Summary for Review: ccsfr, after r, 14d
Requirements Gathering: rg, after ccsfr, 21d
Synthesize: s, after rg, 7d
Circulate Requirements Synthesis for Review: crsfr, after s, 14d
section Design
Design Permission System API: dpsa, after crsfr, 28d
Circulate Recommendation for Review: crfr, after dpsa, 14d
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