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An Ant task that prefixes new SQL migration files with a timestamp precise to milliseconds. The following usage will add a prefix to any SQL file in a hardcoded directory that does not begin with an number and double leading underscore: $ ant prefix-new-migrations
<project name="migrations">
<target name="prefix-new-migrations">
<foreach target="rename-file" param="the-file">
<!-- The hardcoded directory containing the migrations -->
<fileset dir="./src/db/migrations" casesensitive="no" includes="*.sql">
<!-- Exclude any migration files which have already been prefixed -->
<filename regex="\d+__.*" casesensitive="true"/>
<target name="rename-file">
<format property="time.stamp" pattern="yyyyMMddHHmmssSSS"/>
<dirname property="" file="${the-file}"/>
<basename property="" file="${the-file}"/>
<!-- Renames my_migration.sql to 20130704144750766__my_migration.sql -->
<move file="${the-file}" tofile="${}${file.separator}${time.stamp}__${}"/>
<!-- Sleep to prevent prefix conflicts when renaming multiple files -->
<sleep seconds="1"/>
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