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A Groovy task that prefixes new SQL migration files with a timestamp precise to milliseconds. The following usage will add a prefix to any SQL file in a hardcoded directory that does not begin with an number and double leading underscore: $ gradle prefixNewMigrations
task prefixNewMigrations {
fileTree(dir: 'dev/src/db/listhub').exclude({ isFilePrefixed(it.file) }).each { file ->
doLast {
def timestamp = new Date().format('yyyyMMddHHmmssSSS', TimeZone.getTimeZone('GMT'))
println "Renaming $ to ${timestamp}__$"
// Sleep for a moment to avoid prefix conflicts when renaming multiple files
def isFilePrefixed(file) {
return ( ==~ '^\\d+__.*\\.sql\$')

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SlevinBE commented Oct 30, 2013

Thanks for sharing this!
I had to do something similar, but I had to plug it into a maven build, so I could only use pure Groovy. You can find this Gist here:

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