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"The End of Twitter", a semi-artistic anti-binging user style for legacy twitter, written sometime before september 2019
According to Stylus, I "installed" (wrote) this user css on September 23, 2019,
and last updated it December 23, 2019 (noice).
But I recall that I had come up with the idea and written a earlier version sometime before that.
Alas, I lost my user styles without having a backup (like several times iirc),
so I lost the original version (which didn't use css variables iirc).
It should really say @version 2.0.0!
Anyway, I'll get screenshots up eventually. maybe. (or not)
/* ==UserStyle==
@name The End of Twitter
@version 1.0.0
@description Cut off twitter feeds after 15 entries to discourage binging.
@author jeremyredhead
@license MIT or CC-Zero
==/UserStyle== */
@-moz-document domain("") {
:root {
--tweet-pad: 9px 12px;
--tweet-indent: 58px;
--avatar-size: 48px;
.stream-item[data-item-type=tweet]:nth-of-type(15)::after {
display: block;
"Woah there pardner; I'm the sheriff in these here parts, \A\
and you've just reached the end of twitter. \A\
You best be scrolling back up now...";
white-space: pre-line;
margin: var(--tweet-pad) 0;
padding-left: var(--tweet-indent);
background: url(
no-repeat 0 center / var(--avatar-size);
.stream-item[data-item-type=tweet]:nth-of-type(15) ~ * {
display: none;
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