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jeremystan /
Created July 7, 2021 15:09
Decision Tree Root Cause Analysis
import graphviz
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import sklearn.impute
import sklearn.tree
# Load the data from disk
df_good = pd.read_csv("~/Downloads/good_data_sample.csv")
df_bad = pd.read_csv("~/Downloads/bad_data_sample.csv")
This is an example python class that can be used to create SQL that will pivot data SQL
query-able database (such as Redshift).
Note that it uses an Anomalo library, dquality.db, which is not open-sourced. However,
you can replace the calls to self.db and DB with the appropriate calls for your warehouse
to construct and execute SQL queries.
import logging
jeremystan /
Last active September 14, 2020 17:13
A python class for retrying flickering unit tests up to a maximum number of times.
import functools
import logging
class RetryTest:
Decorator for re-trying flickering tests multiple times
to attempt to get them to pass.
Note that it creates a new copy of the test class for each