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Last active Dec 22, 2020
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My instructions for setting up a new Mac
  1. Settings => Mouse => uncheck “Scroll direction: Natural” (Whatever, jerks.)
  2. Settings => Trackpad => Secondary click => Click in bottom right corner
  3. Settings => Keyboard => check “Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” (No longer necessary?)
  4. Settings => Keyboard => Modifier Keys… => Caps Lock to Control [Repeat for each keyboard] (Uuuuuuugh)
  5. Settings => Keyboard => Touch Bar shows => F1, F2, etc. Keys [For MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar]
  6. Settings => Sound => Output => Headset
  7. Settings => Sound => Input => Headset
  8. Settings => Date & Time => Clock => check Use a 24-hour clock and Show date
  9. Dock => right click [icon] => [skip for Siri] Options => “Remove from Dock” [Repeat for each unused application]
  10. Safari => Chrome => Download Now
  11. Chrome => login with Gmail account [Add to Dock]
  12. Download Dropbox
  13. Download 1Password
  14. Configure 1Password to us Dropbox (Might need to wait for the vault to finish syncing first.)
  15. Download Home Brew
  16. Cache your GitHub password in Git
  17. Install Emaces: brew install --cask emacs (Maybe not working? Try instead)
  18. Launchpad => Other => Terminal [Add to Dock]
  19. Launchpad => Other => Activity Monitor [Add to Dock]
  20. Rightclick Activity Monitor => Dock Icon => Show CPU History
  21. Settings => Dock => uncheck Animate opening applications and check Minimize windows into application icon
  22. Drag icons to expected location in Dock
  23. Fix paste behavior
  24. Install rbenv: brew install rbenv
  25. Get instructions for installing rbenv: rbenv init
  26. Install Ruby: rbenv install 2.7.2
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