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Last active Dec 20, 2016
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Documentation tasks completed in 2016
A reverse chronological list of everything we've reported done in Documentation during 2016:
[Done] Have some of Discussion on dev
[Done] Triage meta (ie. respond to a bunch of posts)
[Done] Error editing remarks subsection in documentation
[Done] Invalidate votes tools for CM
Dec 12
[Done] Get topic requests into proposed changes review
[Done] Meta Update
[Done] Start building Discussion
[Only Ted] Continue dogfooding
[Done] Monthly Plan Time!
Dec 5
[Done] Topic requestor reputation notification should be "requested $topic" rather
than "doc change".
[Done] Dogfooding!
[Done] Unable to reject edits in documentation reviews queue
Nov 28
[Done] Topic Introduction
[Done] Finish Discussion User Testing
[Done] Build de-elevate option for employees, so we can start dogfooding
[Done] Invitation to join SO persists too long
[Done] Cannot flag if edits are pending
[Done] One-box on mobile
Nov 15
[Done] Improvement Requests Refactor
[Done] Documentation contributor chain on an Example is broken after a Topic
[Done] Reviewer was somehow given authorship of an example when the author's
account was deleted
Nov 7
[Done] Meta Update Post
[Done] When moving examples, the draft of the target topic has too many "Moved
from X." notices
Oct 25
[Done] Start banning people from /review
[Done] Digest user tests for Discussion
[Done] Continue on Improvement Requests
[Done] Turn on rollback reasons
[Done] Make it more obvious the overview topic exists (produced spec)
[Done] Add minor and major contribution label to user profile
[Done] Pagination links in original revision history of moved example broken
Oct 18
[Done] Make topic title clickable during review
[Done] Figure out bugs with example contributors bugs
[Done] Comment on copy for Topic Focus
Oct 11
[Done] Review Queue audits
[Done] Add option to retract draft in the draft cog menu (and maybe in review for the
[Done] Turn on current Topic Outline
[Done] Meta Update
[Done] Documentation rep capping not counted toward Mortarboard, Epic and
Legendary badges
[Done] Don't show draft diffs when the proposed change deletes a topic or section
[Done] Write up some thoughts on handling plagiarism flags / Q&A crossover
Oct 4
[Done] Remove side-by-side as part of Topic Outline
[Done] Missing edit reputation for topic creation
[Done] Finalize discussion testing plan
[Done] Start mockups for improvement requests changes
[Done] Final improvement request changes spec
[Done] Review Queue reservation system
[Done] Bug duty
Sep 27
[Done] Launch Rep
[Done] Write backlog, collect specs
[Done] Topic outline implemented
[Done] Can't rollback to a topic pre-deletion
[Done] Rejected changes should not dismiss improvement requests
[Done] Finish revising discussion
Sep 21
[Done] Review goes live, hunt down bugs
[Done] Meta update post
[Done] Finish reputation
[Done] Write down new improvement request spec (link)
[Done] Add a dash to separate comment from user name
[Done] Wrong link to cited content in reputation tab
[Done] Off-by-one Proposed Change count error
[Done] Clear rejection when a proposed change is retracted, revised and resubmitted.
[Done] Which version button is selected?
Sep 13
[Done] Review Queue - ready to go, will turn on with the next post
[Done] Contributor tracking working for new rep game
[Done] Discussion proposal
[Done] Talk/Discussion revisions
Sep 7
[Done] Update Meta
[Done] Talk to Steve about table of contents w.r.t. ads, go to meta with a proposal
(possibly as part of update)
[Done] Some talk-y page mockups
Aug 31
[Done] More rep model data
Aug 23
[Done] New Rep Modeler Dev Route
[Done] Require multiple votes to dismiss IRs
[Done] Additional IR improvements at Adam's discretion
[Bonus] Topic Timeline
Aug 16
[Done] Editor perf
[Done] Do a weekly update on meta
[Done] Implement new reviewer criteria
[Done] Re-import [ibm-watson]
[Done] Bug duty
Aug 9
[Done] tag merge/aliases
[Done] holy shit bug duty
[Done] think about some "allow fewer reviews"-options for higher rep users, or users
with the appropriate tag badges
[Done] write up a couple Focus examples
Aug 2
Move Documentation button to after Jobs
Blog post converted and ready to post
Image for blog post
Let docs-beta users in (account id site setting)
All Docs dashboard
Bug duty
Jul 25
[Done] Docs-beta announcement
[Done] Bug duty
Jul 12
[Done] Continue revising meta & blog posts
[Done] TypeScript conversions
[Done] Final design pass over /tour
[Done] Sidebar link to docs styles
[Done] Bug duty
[Done] Get list of draft into profile
Jul 5
[Done] Bug duty
[Done] Meta post
[Done] Headers in addition to meta tags for googlebot
Jun 28
[Done] Tear out defunct site settings
[Done] Bug fixes
[Done] TypeScript!
Jun 21
[Done] Watch all the user test videos
[Done] Bug fixing
[Done] Change editor size calculation to happen on editor show
Jun 14
[Done] Placeholder text in “empty” or added sections on a topic that doesn’t require
you delete it before continuing
[Done] Implement Hello World changes
[Done] Sidebar help for editor
[Done] Figure out how make sure editor isn't gigantic by default on smaller screens
[Done] Start up another user test by week's end
[Done] Last beta user wave
Jun 7
[Done] Hello World re-thinks + help bubble
[Done] Editor Cleanup
[Done] Active + Requested sorts on All Topics page
[Done] Add score to collapsed examples on Topics page
[Done] A path out of the Topic Request popup for creating the Topic
May 31
[Done] Digest user test results late this week
[Done] All topics view update
[Done] Remarks section can't be switched to from sidepane
[Done] Clean up validation messages
[Done] Elastic 2.0 investigation
[Done] Add Example button moving to the right pane (when you can see the right
pane that is)
[Done] Bug duty
[Bonus] Lots of editor and page tweaks to better match new implicit retraction model
May 24
[Done] New tag tiles
[Done] Redo top nav
[Done] Tag merge sanity
[Done] Sanity check prose on help bubbles
[Done 90%] Little niggles list - use your discretion on what's "real"
[Done] Bug duty
May 10
[Done] Finish up new edit pipeline
[Done] Styling all the things
[Done] Getting user scripts together and hand off for another round
May 10
[Done] Finish Improve tag proposal UX
[Done] New help bubbles
[Done] Bug duty
[Done] Redesign all topics page to include more info (like pending actions), etc.
[Done] Notification styling for improvement requests
[Done] Read-only mode support
[Done] Figure out desired edit behavior
May 3
[Done] Bug duty
[Done] Add "/documentation only" system message option
[Done] Figure out what the fuck to do (Everyone but Monty)
Apr 19
[Done] Bug duty
[Done] Invite more people to beta, turn on ads
[Done] Split review requirements into a couple site settings (different for deletion and
[Done] Whole bunch of real-time shit for editor
[Done] Rename flags tables
[Done] Help pages images
[Done] Ads
Apr 19
[Done] Bug duty
[Done] Invite more people, update tour
[Done] Docs Privileges
[Done] DocTopicDraftId and DocProposedChangeId on DocTopicHistory
[Done] Finish Delete User sanity pass (maybe look at merges & unmerges)
Apr 12
[Done] Finish anonymous crap
[Done] Finish /tour
[Done] Bug duty!
Help bubbles and help pages
Apr 5
[Done] Badges are done!
[Done] Mockup docs tour page
[Done] Rollback and undelete functions
[Done] Let in a bunch of new people with open tag functionality
Mar 29
[Done] Finish new tag commitments
[Done] Merge in SEO crap
[Done] Sweep for design bugs on docs-beta
[Done] New Feature Announcement
[Done] New post
[Done] Troll through bugs and feature requests on docs-beta
[Done] Display ads
Mar 22
[Done] Finish up deleted content logic
[Done] Get started on SEO
[Done] Troll through docs-beta and answer posts
[Done] Wrap up other tooltip mockups
[Done] Split editor option mockup
Mar 15
[Done] Tour
Mar 1
[Done] Hide workbench "multi-submit" controls if no drafts are checked
[Done] Mockups: tag creator, tour
Feb 23
[Done] UI Example Sorting
[Done] Produce big list of todo for shipping
[Done] UI improvements to changes sidebar
[Done] Open a new tag-mockup
[Done] Delete/Discard section edits mockups
[Done] Finish tour design
[Done] Search rewrite
Feb 16
[Done] Copy draft feature
[Done] Think through inbox notifications too
[Done] Feature and bug burndown
[Done] Reveal submitted drafts in UI
[Done] Tour mockups
Feb 9
[Done] Deploy and announcement Repgame
[Done] Plan out more search improvements
[Done] Pin example mockup
Feb 2
[Done-ish] Repgame
[Done] Rename or split unclear topic RFI
[Done] Bug & feature-request burn down on docs-beta
[Done] Mockups for ordering Examples in the editor
Jan 26
[Done] Invite another wave, right after call
[Done] Mockups for inserting doc links dialog
[Done] Pull diff options into Proposed Changes
[Done] Search Examples UX
[Done] Bug & feature-request burn down on docs-beta
Jan 19
[Done] User Profile
Jan 12
[Done] Add button for inserting tables to editor
[Done] Make autolinks work in commonmark
[Done] Get started on a rep system
[Miss] Clean up Topic.cshtml
[Miss] User profile
[Done] Request For Improvement changes
[Done] Searching Examples (but needs UI)
[Done] Diff styling
[Done] Example (and maybe Topic overhaul?) search styling
[Done] Rework layout at top of dashboard
Jan 5
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