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Created September 15, 2019 13:00
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Flutter Clean Recursive - Clear up space on your hard drive by cleaning your Flutter projects. This script searches for all Flutter projects in this directory and all subdirectories and runs 'flutter clean'. Note: may take a long time for folders with large amounts of projects.
# To run, download the script or copy the code to a '.sh' file (for example '') and run like any other script:
# sh ./
# or
# sudo sh
echo "Flutter Clean Recursive (by jeroen-meijer on GitHub Gist)"
echo "Looking for projects... (may take a while)"
find . -name "pubspec.yaml" -exec $SHELL -c '
echo "Done. Cleaning all projects."
for i in "$@" ; do
DIR=$(dirname "${i}")
echo "Cleaning ${DIR}..."
(cd "$DIR" && flutter clean >/dev/null 2>&1)
echo "DONE!"
' {} +
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This is awesome. Thanks

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zuril88 commented Oct 20, 2022

Thank you. Just what I was looking for

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hacker1024 commented Oct 25, 2022

Thanks for this. This script can be added as a Nix package (e.g. to environment.systemPackages) like so:

(pkgs.writeScriptBin "fltr-clean-recursive"
  (builtins.readFile "${fetchgit {
    url = "";
    sha256 = "0r80cxmr80kbh1l7qc5g4pq6yys8a7nq4xsybfx1xc9d6h0i7gqn";

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this is beautiful!

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peterjohnson427 commented Oct 3, 2023

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