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Automatically resolve Git merge conflicts in Rails schema.rb by picking the most recent date in the conflict (now works with Rails 5 and recent versions of Git). The following files should be in your home ~ directory. Inspired by
db/schema.rb merge=railsschema
attributesfile = /Users/your_user/.gitattributes
[merge "railsschema"]
name = newer Rails schema version
driver = "ruby -e '\n\
system %(git), %(merge-file), %(--marker-size=%L), %(%A), %(%O), %(%B)\n\
b =\n\
b.sub!(/^<+ .*\\nActiveRecord::Schema\\.define.version: ([0-9_]+). do\\n=+\\nActiveRecord::Schema\\.define.version: ([0-9_]+). do\\n>+ .*/) do\n\
%(ActiveRecord::Schema.define(version: #{[$1, $2].max}) do)\n\
end\n\, %(w)) {|f| f.write(b)}\n\
exit 1 if b.include?(%(<)*%L)'"
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