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Jeromy Anglim jeromyanglim

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# Function to write data.frame to xlsx spreadsheet
write_xlsx <- function(data, file, sheetname = "Sheet1", rowNames = TRUE, ...) {
wb <- createWorkbook()
addWorksheet(wb, sheetname)
writeData(wb, sheetname, data, rowNames = rowNames, ...)
saveWorkbook(wb, file = file, overwrite = TRUE)
# Example
jeromyanglim / makefile
Created Nov 4, 2017
example of a makefile that runs an r job and sends an email when done.
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mode=standard # e.g., quick, standard, publication
make models mode=$(mode)
make ppc mode=$(mode)
make standard-figures mode=$(mode)
make yhat mode=$(mode)
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javascript:location %3D %27
jeromyanglim / import_qualtrics_csv
Last active Feb 23, 2017
Function that assists with importing CSV data from Qualtrics into R; it also allows for choosing which categorical variables should be numeric and which labelled.
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import_csv_qualtrics <- function(file) {
# import a csv file exported from Qualtrics
# Qualtrics places variable labels in the second row.
# This function removes that second row and returns the data frame.
# taken from:
DF <- read.csv(file, skip=2, header=FALSE)
DF2 <- read.csv(file)
names(DF) <- names(DF2)
jeromyanglim / covlm.r
Last active Jul 25, 2016
Function that allows you to run a linear model on a covariance matrix using lavaan
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# see
covlm <- function(dv, ivs, n, cov) {
# Assumes lavaan package
# library(lavaan)
# dv: charcter vector of length 1 with name of outcome variable
# ivs: character vector of names of predictors
# n: numeric vector of length 1: sample size
# cov: covariance matrix where row and column names
jeromyanglim / freqtable.r
Last active Jul 20, 2016
Provide frequencies and proportions typically for a data frame containing multiple varies using the same numeric response format (e.g., 1 to 5 likert)
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freqtable <- function(X) {
# X: data.frame of typically survey items
# Code assumes that all items are numeric (i.e., 1 to 5, rather than text labels)
unique_values <- unique(unlist(sapply(X, unique)))
su <- sort(unique_values)
freq <- t(sapply(X, function(Z) table(factor(Z, su))))
prop <- t(sapply(X, function(Z) prop.table(table(factor(Z, su)))))
list(freq = freq, prop = prop)
jeromyanglim / charnum2num.r
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Take a data.frame x and convert all columns of class character that appear to be numeric into numeric
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charnum2num <- function(x) {
# Purpose
# Take a data.frame x and convert all columns of class character that appear to be numeric into numeric
# x is a data.frame
# code taken from library(Hmisc) and included here to avoid the dependency <- function (x, what = c("test", "vector"), extras = c(".", "NA"))
what <- match.arg(what)
old <- options(warn = -1)
jeromyanglim / CollapseHeadings.bas
Created Dec 14, 2012
Simple VBA script that I use in Mac Word for collapsing Up headings in Outline View; it works for me, but I've had it floating around for so long, I barely remember how it works.
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Sub CollapseHeadings()
' Use this code at your own risk
' It works for me. I use it in Word documents while in Outline View
' for documents set up with Outline View in mind
' Remember Ctrl + Pause Break will get break the program
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
Dim r As Range, o As Integer, p As Long, f As Boolean
Dim currentOutlineLevel, nextOutlineLevel
Dim timeout As Integer ' used to pre
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border-color:#ccc #aaa #888 #bbb;
padding:2px 6px;
-moz-box-shadow:0 2px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2),0 0 0 1px #ffffff inset;
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* asdf
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