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Last active Aug 29, 2016
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Some helpful tools for working with open source node projects

Helpful Node Tools

  • greenkeeper
    when one of your projects' dependencies releases a new version, creates a pull request to update it
    install: npm i greenkeeper -g, run: gk enable
  • npm-check
    command line tool which checks your projects dependencies, tells you when there are any out of date, upgrades them
    install: npm i npm-check -g, run: npm-check -u
  • fixpack
    checks your package.json file to make sure it has important fields, organizes fields consistently
    install: npm i fixpack -g, run: fixpack
  • np
    quick and easy publishing for npm packages. runs checks, tags a version, publishes to npm, pushes tags to github
    install: npm i np -g, run np [major|minor|patch]
  • slow-deps
    reports the largest dependencies in your project and each dependency's max install time
    install npm i slow-deps -g, run: slow-deps
  • pushpr
    pushes a local branch to github and opens up a PR create page in your browser
    install: see, run: pushpr
  • nvm
    tool for managing multiple versions of node, if you need them for different projects
    install: npm i nvm -g, use: nvm use [version-number]
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