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Working from home

Jeshan Giovanni BABOOA jeshan

Working from home
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jeshan / cdk-profile-plugin.js
Last active Jul 26, 2020
How to select AWS profiles per account in AWS CDK
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const { CredentialProviderChain } = require('aws-sdk');
const AWS = require('aws-sdk');
const accountProvider = require('./account-provider');
let getEnv = function(accountId) {
// TODO: insert logic to get your desired profile name
return profileName;
let getProvider = async (accountId, mode) => {
jeshan / config
Created Apr 1, 2019 — forked from justinpawela/config
AWS CodeCommit Multiple Account Config
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# This file is: ~/.ssh/config
# You may have other (non-CodeCommit) SSH credentials stored in this
# config file – in addition to the CodeCommit settings shown below.
# NOTE: Make sure to run [ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/config ] after creating this file!
# Credentials for Account1
Host awscc-account1 # 'awscc-account1' is a name you pick
Hostname # This points to CodeCommit in the 'US East' region
jeshan / cognito.yaml
Created Feb 4, 2018 — forked from singledigit/cognito.yaml
Create a Cognito Authentication Backend via CloudFormation
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AWSTemplateFormatVersion: '2010-09-09'
Description: Cognito Stack
Type: String
Description: Unique Auth Name for Cognito Resources
# Creates a role that allows Cognito to send SNS messages
jeshan /
Last active Oct 16, 2017 — forked from sukharevd/
Script to install JBoss Wildfly 10.x as service in Linux
#description :The script to install Wildfly 10.x
#more :
#author :Dmitriy Sukharev
#date :2016-06-18T02:45-0700
#usage :/bin/bash
#tested-version1 :10.0.0.CR3
#tested-distros1 :Ubuntu 15.10; Debian 7,8; CentOS 7; Fedora 22
#tested-version2 :10.0.0.Final
jeshan / get-lambda-event-source.js
Last active Sep 22, 2020
AWS Lambda: Determine Event Source from event object. Note that this is an approximation as anybody can send a payload that resembles the real thing.
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function getLambdaEventSource(event) {
if (event.Records && event.Records[0].cf) return 'isCloudfront';
if (event.configRuleId && event.configRuleName && event.configRuleArn) return 'isAwsConfig';
if (event.Records && (event.Records[0].eventSource === 'aws:codecommit')) return 'isCodeCommit';
if (event.authorizationToken === "incoming-client-token") return 'isApiGatewayAuthorizer';
if (event.StackId && event.RequestType && event.ResourceType) return 'isCloudFormation';
View gist:53bd7477b476e61e80f1e3560f7599c5
app.factory('PaypalService', ['$q', '$ionicPlatform', 'shopSettings', '$filter', '$timeout', function ($q, $ionicPlatform, shopSettings, $filter, $timeout) {
var init_defer;
* Service object
* @type object
var service = {
View angular-intro-12.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ng-app='angularApp'>
<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src=""></script>
<meta name="description" content="angular-intro-11; internationalisation">
<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
View ionic-yeoman-source-layout.txt
├── app
│   ├── bower_components
│   └── main
├── gulp
├── hooks
│   └── after_prepare
├── node_modules
│   ├── abbrev
calendar.add(new Appointment() {{
name("birthday party");
public String getMeSomeHtml() {
return html()
.meta("charset", "UTF-8")
.meta("viewport", "width=device-width")
.paragraph("hello, world!")
.heading(Heading.Level.ONE, "Level one text")
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