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Fork from with one change that allows for sending POST requests. It basically handles them the same as GET requests and doesn't give an error anymore :)
# taken from
# generate server.pem with the following command:
# openssl req -new -x509 -keyout server.pem -out server.pem -days 365 -nodes
# run as follows:
# python
# then in your browser, visit:
# https://localhost:4443
import BaseHTTPServer, SimpleHTTPServer
import ssl
class MyHTTPRequestHandler(SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler):
def do_POST(self):
httpd = BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer(('localhost', 4443), MyHTTPRequestHandler)
httpd.socket = ssl.wrap_socket (httpd.socket, certfile='./server.pem', server_side=True)
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