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paste this in the browser console then drag an audio file to the page to replace the notification sound
(async function(){
async function writeSound(cache, url){
const el = document.createElement("div");
document.body.appendChild(el); = "white"; = = "100%"; = "absolute"; = 1000;
el.textContent = "drag an audio file to this page";
el.addEventListener("dragover", e => e.preventDefault());
const file = await new Promise(resolve => {
el.addEventListener("drop", e => {
const response = new Response(file);
cache.put(url, response);
el.textContent = "refresh the page to apply the changes";
const cacheKeys = await caches.keys();
for(const cacheKey of cacheKeys){
const cache = await;
const keys = await cache.keys();
for(const request of keys){
await writeSound(cache, request.url)
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