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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
# Eval so we can set the JSON values as shell variables
eval "$(jq -r '@sh "VAULT=\(.vault) UUID=\(.uuid)"')"
# Get the token or password from the first field of the second section (this is just how I store them, but you could use jq's select
password=`op get item --vault=$VAULT $UUID | jq -r '.details.sections[1].fields[0].v'`
if [ -z "$password" ]; then
# I didn't get a token, so let's bail
echo "No token returned. Did you run 'op signin company-one-pass'?"
exit 1
# Use JQ to put args into a JSON string we return to STDOUT
jq -n --arg token "$password" '{"password":$password}'
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