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Basic of Using VMware vRealize Automation
Here is the process for using vRA to deploy a sample OpenStack VM:
Login as admin (I use configadmin), go to 基础架构(Infrastructure)
create an OpenStack End Point for OpenStack Kilo
create fabric group (架构组), select the discovery OpenStack Region as 'Compute resources'
Go to 管理 -> 用户和组 -> 业务组
create business group, and add a user as the group admin
Go to 基础架构 -> 预留
create reservation, set business group, network, etc.
Go to 设计
create blueprint which contains an OpenStack Machine, select the flavor and image, then publish it
Go to 管理 -> 目录管理 -> 服务
create service, then click 管理目录项, select the blueprint as 目录项, and publish it
Go to 目录
click 'Request' at the bottom right of the new service, then click 'Submit', wait for the process to complete.
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