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Forked from rafaelss/gigalixir.yml
Created January 26, 2020 18:27
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types: [closed]
- master
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
if: github.event.pull_request.merged
- uses: actions/checkout@v1
- run: sudo pip install gigalixir --ignore-installed six
- run: gigalixir login -e "${{ secrets.GIGALIXIR_EMAIL }}" -y -p "${{ secrets.GIGALIXIR_PASSWORD }}"
- run: gigalixir git:remote ${{ secrets.GIGALIXIR_APP_NAME }}
- run: git push -f gigalixir HEAD:refs/heads/master
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Just to be clear, there's no need to url escape your username as mentioned in the docs for gigalixir as in reference to the travis ci example right?

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Right. In this case, it's using a cli command to login so nothing needs to be escaped. It would need to be escaped if you used it in a git remote url.

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